Linda Ronstadt

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Has-Been Singer Declares Trump Is The New Hitler

Jeff Katz
January 03, 2020 - 10:05 am

It's the Left's favorite outrageous comparison: Donald Trump is just like Adolf Hitler.

The latest liberal to make this declaration was singer Linda Ronstadt, who did an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper that was promoted on Cooper's program, Anderson Cooper 360. While discussing Ronstadt's struggle with Parkinson's disease and how it took her ability to sing, she told Cooper how she has been unable to avoid tension with Republican family members by singing with them as she always used to.

Ronstadt then oddly claimed that the Trump administration has taken things away from her, saying, "Well, now I have to be careful because we've had so much taken away from us by this administration that I'm not willing to let him take my family relationships. My family -- the part that are Republican -- are fairly rational Republicans. We don't have that in our current White House."

After Cooper brought up Ronstadt's history of making Hitler comparisons, she went all in, likening the Trump White House to the Weimar Republic and Germany:

"...I mean, the intelligentsia in Berlin and the literati and all the artists were just busy doing their thing, and there were a lot of chances as Hitler rose to power, there were a lot of chances to stop him, and they didn't speak out. And then the industrial complex thought that they could control him once they got him in office, and of course he was not controllable.

By the time he got established, he put his own people in place and stacked the courts, and did what he had to do to consolidate his power. And we got Hitler and he destroyed Germany. He destroyed centuries of intellectual history, forward and backward, you know, the people like Beethoeven and Goethe and Thomas Mollen became jokes. They became Nazi laughingstocks."