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Here's What Happens When Sanctuary Cities Won't Follow The Law

Jeff Katz
June 21, 2019 - 3:01 pm

An illegal alien is wanted by law enforcement after raped and attacked a woman following his release from King County, Washington, a sanctuary city.

Francisco Carranza Ramirez, 35, has been living in the United States as an illegal alien for an unknown amount of time, according to Breitbart News. Ramirez crossed the southern border during an unknown time from his native Mexico.

According to court records, Ramirez raped a 32-year-old woman -- who is bound to a wheelchair because of a disability -- in King County in September 2018. After being arrested and charged with rape in the third degree, Ramirez entered an Alford plea in court, meaning he would not confess to the crime but understood that the evidence against him would lead to a conviction anyway.

Despite pleas from the victim to give him the highest penalty allowed by law, Ramirez received only a 12-month prison sentence. On the same day, he was released from King County jail because he had already served nine months while awaiting his sentence. Two days after his release, Ramirez reportedly found his victim at her apartment, which was a violation of a court order. The next day, he attacked her while she was walking her three-year old son.

Ramirez is now wanted by law enforcement. King County is not only a sanctuary city, officials have made King County's airport into a "sanctuary airport," according to Breitbart. This means that Immigration and Customs Enforcement is prohibited from using that airport to deport criminal illegal aliens.