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Hotel Offers Free Rooms To Women Getting Abortions

Jeff Katz
June 11, 2019 - 1:07 pm

A Time Magazine article published in the Sunday, June 9 edition focused on a small hotel in Michigan offering pregnant women free stays and transportation from states that have “severe restrictions” on abortion.

The article tells that Shelly O'Brian, owner of the Yale Hotel, wrote in a Facebook post that her 100-year-old hotel would offer free lodging to women wanting an abortion that are coming from states that have severe restrictions on those procedures. 

And of course, the article portrays those who oppose abortion as violent, spiteful hate-mongers who seek to harm those that support abortion.

“I’ve had people telling me I should die,” O’Brian said. “I’ve had people threatening to burn my building down. I’ve had people praying that somebody hurts me or burns my building down. I really did not expect such venomous hatred.”

An item quickly followed with warm words about pro-abortion advocates.

“I’ve been flooded with overwhelmingly positive responses,” she added. “I have little old ladies coming in and writing me $25 checks to put towards the cause.”

According to the article, O'Brian has done this in response to pro-life laws being passed in states such as Alabama, Missouri, Ohio and others. Shockingly, she is opposed to the laws recently passed.

In her Faacebook, post, she calls out those states, claiming, “We cannot do anything about the way you are being treated in your home state.”

Here is her original post: