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How Stupid Is Joy Behar? Here's A Clue

Jeff Katz
December 16, 2019 - 5:00 pm

Maybe you want to check your facts before opening your mouth next time, Joy.

Wednesday on The View, Joy Behar jumped to conclusions (again) after two suspects entered a kosher market in Jersey City, NJ and opened fire, killing three people and one police officer. Behar immediately blamed conservatives and, shockingly, President Trump before either of the suspects or motives were known.

Behar asked guest co-host Chris Christie if this was an anti-semitic crime, to which Christie responded that there were still details that were unconfirmed and called for prayers for the victims' families.

That clearly was not enough for her, though, as she snapped back with, "Yes. You will concede that the national -- these white nationalists have been let out out of their holes."

After Christie encouraged viewers to speak out against "ethnic and religious bias," Behar wasted no time in trashing the president, saying, "The liar in chief is the one who spouting all this stuff! He's the one. Well just the other day he used an anti-Semitic trope. Trump did. I mean, he’s the worst one! And he’s at the top!"