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It Looks Like It Is Only The American Flag That Nike Bosses Hate

Jeff Katz
July 03, 2019 - 4:50 pm

On Tuesday, Nike agreed to start pulling its special edition "Betsy Ross Flag" sneakers from stores after former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick told the company he and others feel the flag is a symbol of slavery and racism.

However, it seems that while Nike was quick to pull the Ross flag shoes, it has had no issue making and selling shoes that bear the flags of human rights violators such as China and Turkey, according to a report from Breitbart. The company has also created pride flag shoes, with many different styles depicting the rainbow style of the gay pride flag. 

But Nike has also created shoes with the flags of many countries and clearly has never taken into account those countries' records on racism, human rights, gay rights and violence. For the 2016 Olympics, Nike offered a "country flag" option to all orders that included options for colors from China, Turkey and even Saudi Arabia. By the way, Turkey is listed as the second-most restrictive country on gay rights in the world.

With the NikeID service, as well, customers can order shoes with any flag they choose. Except for the original American flag, of course.