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Jim Acosta's Book Is A Total Flop

Jeff Katz
June 24, 2019 - 1:12 pm

Looks like crybaby Jim Acosta's book whining about how hard it is to tell the truth in Trumps' America isn't doing so well. The book has dropped all the way to #363 on Amazon. 

The Enemy Of The People: A Dangerous Time to Tell The Truth in America is Acosta's attempt to further undermine the president by complaining about how hard it is to tell the "truth" with Donald Trump in the White House. Even though Acosta was still allowed to publish and promote the book, which is pretty contradictory to the whole premise of the book.

So the man who grandstanded the president in a White House press conference and struck a blow for the "real reporters" and prides himself on his partisanship now has a book that nobody is reading. Color me shocked.

For context, Mark Levin's Unfreedom of the Press, which criticizes the Jim Acostas of the world, is at #3 on Amazon. Even the classics like and To Kill A Mockingbird (#22)  and Oh, The Places You'll Go! (#23) are higher on the list than Acosta's book.

Despite his many attempts to push the book on his native CNN, the book is a total flop.