Jimmy Gagliano on El Chapo Conviction

El Chapo Getting Life in Prison

Jeff Katz
February 12, 2019 - 4:41 pm

Former FBI Special Agent and current CNN Law Enforcement Analyst, Jimmy Gagliano, came on the show this afternoon to discuss El Chapo's going away party. Mexican drug lord El Chapo was convicted on all charges and is facing life in prison.

Gagliano said due to an IT informant and Sean Penn's sudden foray into journalism law enforcement were able to track burner phones, keying in on El Chapo's location, securing his arrest. The informant was key in brining charges against El Chapo and should be considered a hero as the system couldn't work without people willing to inform law enforcement on the inner workings of criminal organizations. El Chapo accrued more than 14 billion dollars during his reign, maybe that will comort him during his twilight years in federal prison. 

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