John Reid on CPAC

Trump Off Script and On Fire

Jeff Katz
March 04, 2019 - 5:01 pm

John Reid departed from his usual morning routine to join us on the Jeff Katz Show this afternoon to give us his insight on CPAC.

The biggest surprise was how Trump has ignited young people. There were large amounts of kids and young adults in the audience and the break-out sessions were well-attended by a young demographic.

Pence, John said, gave a good, solid speech. However, 20 minutes was definitely long enough.

Trump, naturally, was the main attraction. "There were people in that room four hours ahead of time to get seats close to the stage," John said. "They love Trump as much as the democrats and moderates hate him."

Even though Trump seemed to loose his place at times and frequently went off script, no one wanted to leave. John said Trump could have benefited from "message discipline," especially on his points concerning tariffs. It was a valuable moment that lost its value through its length and rambling structure. John reiterated that if Trump used "message discipline" it would produce images less likely to enable manipulation by the media.

Overall, Trump's speech roused the crowd and could have been his quintessential message if he, in fact, stayed on message.