MSNBC Joy Reid panel

MSNBC's Biggest Whopper Yet

Jeff Katz
May 26, 2020 - 5:41 pm

MSNBC's notorious race-baiting host Joy Reid falsely claimed on Sunday that President Donald Trump promised white Americans that he would "get rid of these brown immigrants."

During a discussion on "AM Joy" about how presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden could gain more support in the African-American community, Reid twice claimed that President Trump promised white Americans that he would expel "brown immigrants" from the United States:

When Donald Trump ran for President, he made an implicit and in some cases explicit offer to white America - a promise to them that he would reduce nonwhite immigration, if not eliminate it, he'd build a wall across the Southern border to keep the brown immigrants out, and that he would change and push back the demographic change that scares them -- that scares white Christian America, to use the Robbie Jones term. That was the promise to white America.

Reid repeated her outlandish claim later on, saying, "Donald Trump was very clear, 'This is what I'm going to do for you - I'm going to get rid of these brown immigrants.'"

She also declared Italy has done a better job handling the coronavirus than the Trump administration, despite Italy's deaths per capita being significantly higher than that of the United States.