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Latest Left Wing Language Lunacy Unleashed

Jeff Katz
July 19, 2019 - 3:19 pm

The city council of Berkeley, California ruled Tuesday to remove so-called gendered language from city codes, replacing male- or female-specific pronouns with neutral terms to promote "equality."

According to the Berkeleyside:

The item proposes a revision to the grammatical interpretation of Berkeley’s municipal code, which now mostly uses masculine pronouns. It would switch “he” and “she” to “they” and “them” and assume they/them indicates a single individual, “unless the context indicates the contrary.” The rationale for this change states: “Amending the municipal code to include gender-neutral pronouns by eliminating any gender preference language within the municipal code will promote equality.”

The measure would also change other terminology. “Manhole” would be changed to “maintenance hole,” “manpower” would be changed to “human effort” and “sorority” or “fraternity” would be changed to “collegiate Greek system residence,” according to the ordinance. In addition, gendered terms in the existing code such as he, she, him, her, himself, herself would be switched to specific nouns such as the architect, the attorney, the council member, the clerk, the driver and more.

Some other terms have also been changed, according to a report from the San Francisco Chronicle. Among those are:

Have we officially lost it? Or did we already lose it?