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Left Wing Antifa Thugs Brutalize Conservative Reporter - Police Do Nothing By Order Of The Mayor

Jeff Katz
July 01, 2019 - 4:59 pm

In the aftermath of the violent Antifa protests in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, ABC's Good Morning America offered a measely 17 seconds of coverage to the group hospitalizing a conservative journalist, assaulting the press and attacking right-wing demonstrators, according to NewsBusters. In addition, ABC made no mention of the journalist, Andy Ngo, being attacked by the protestors.

Ngo, however, tweeted about it and the attacks, which included him getting a "cement milkshake" thrown at him, were caught on video.

Portland police were even ordered by the mayor to allow the Antifa protestors to roam the streets and carry out these acts of violence. His legal representative later tweeted this: