McCabe Lies: Jimmy Gagliano Gives His Insight

Andrew McCabe, former FBI director, lies and possible prosecution

Jeff Katz
February 18, 2019 - 4:27 pm

"Politicians lie, FBI agents don't," said Jimmy Gagliano, who joined us on the show this afternoon to talk Andrew McCabe and how he is tarnishing the FBI.

Jimmy worked with McCabe in the early 2000s when McCabe was on his SWAT team. And Jimmy had no reservations concerning his ability or intellect. However, McCabe's, "blue-flamer," meteoric rise was unprecedented, and some say he didn't have the prerequisite experience needed.

McCabe's delayed recusal and "lack of candor"--his outright lies--have tarnished the credibility of the FBI, Jimmy said. He executed very poor judgment concerning his wife's run for the Virginia State Senate, and her ties to Terry McAuliffe who contributed to her campaign.

Jimmy said McCabe's idolization of James Comey clouded his judgment and his assertion that if he was transferred or fired the investigation into Trump would disappear is laughable. He is not the sole investigator for the FBI. McCabe lied three times to the FBI and it shouldn't be softened by such terminology as "lack of candor."

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