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MSNBC: Trump Supporters Are Deplorable

Jeff Katz
September 13, 2019 - 2:14 pm

Here is your daily reminder that Donald Trump is racist and if you vote for him, so are you.

Today's reminder comes courtesy of MSNBC's AM Joy, who suggested to guest commentator Phillipe Reines that Hillary Clinton was right about Trump supporters being "deplorables."

In the process of yet again trashing the president and his supporters, Reid said, "For Hillary Clinton it was always a puzzle. She had to talk about the Republican voters in a certain way that in a certain sense, turned them off. She got caught up in the, well, you're damning them. But if they’re supporting what Donald Trump is doing, it becomes difficult to people them away ideologically from what he's doing. And if what he's doing is racism, what do you say about the folks who are cheering him on?"

Reines, a former Clinton advisor, responded with, "It's a great point. In addition to Hillary Clinton in 2016 making her comment about basket of deplorables, which I wish she had not said at the time and I think she wishes she had not said at the time, it turns out she was dead on."

Nice to know what the Democratic Party really thinks of you, isn't it?