Andrew Cuomo

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How Many Died As A Result Of Andrew Cuomo's Nursing Home Order?

Jeff Katz
June 23, 2020 - 11:59 am

In a shocking turn of events, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) was finally asked some tough questions during an interview on...MSNBC?

Yep. Believe it or not, following cupcake hits on ABC and CBS, Cuomo - who has become a media darling during the coronavirus despite his numerous failings - was challenged by MSNBC's Stephanie Rhule on his controversial nursing home executive order.

After she asked Cuomo for an update on coronavirus in his state, Rhule jumped right in, criticizing the governor for his response to the virus by citing former CDC Director Tom Frieden, who called New York City's response "disastrous":

He said over the weekend what a disastrous job New York City has done, specifically Mayor De Blasio, in moving contact tracing, giving that mandate to an agency with no expertise whatsoever. We know how important contact tracing is for this next phase. So what's your take on what New York City is doing? 

Cuomo downplayed Rhule's question, and later on she asked him about his nursing home order. Not mincing words, she bluntly asked Cuomo if he would take responsibility for forcing COVID-19 patients into nursing homes. causing hundreds of deaths:

Governor, House Republicans are looking into New York's March 25th order that directed nursing homes to take in infected patients. This thing is not going away, sir. 6,300 people died in New York nursing homes. That's the most in this country. The more time has passed, the more your office has been able to look into this. Do you take responsibility for that order and the role it may have played in those deaths?