The Mueller Report

Jimmy Gagliano Give His Insight on the Mueller Report

Jeff Katz
March 25, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Former FBI Agent Jimmy Gagliano joined us this afternoon on the Jeff Katz Show to talk all things Muller.

The report is in and Trump's cleared. This investigation, according to Gagliano, had a noble genesis--investigating the Kremlin's meddling in our elections. However, it quickly morphed into the Trump collusion investigation. And the Muller Report unequivocally exonerated Trump, those involved in his presidential campaign, and his administration. 

J.Edgar Hoover, founder of the FBI, knew Russia's potential to threaten our democracy. Gagliano mention that in Hoover's book, "Masters of Deceit," he already was warning the U.S. of Russia's pursuit to undermine our democracy.

Mueller lapsed into a Comey-esque statement by using the word "exonerated" regarding Trump when there were no charges formally brought against him, his campaign, or his administration. This surprised Gagliano, as Mueller is a by-the-book individual, who is looking for the facts. 

Mueller reported there was no collusion, and on the obstruction of justice charge could find no intent. That is why he directed it to Attorney General Barr to ultimately decide, and he determined there wasn't adequate evidence of obstruction to bring indictments.

However, Trump's not off the hook yet, as people are going to come in hot and heavy. Gagliano said that the Southern District of New York is pursuing the Cohen investigation and the State of New York is going to concentrate on Trump's business dealings and taxes for evidence of anything criminal.

Mostly, there are going to be a lot of hypocritical folks shouting at each other for the next two or three, possibly even six, years or so. 

Lastly, what are people like Strzok, Page, Comey, and McCabe going to face for impeding the investigation? Gagliano doesn't think any of these people will face jail-time, but  might face sanctions or censure by the Inspector General.

Catch the entire interview below!