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There Is No Need To Panic Buy

Jeff Katz
March 17, 2020 - 1:54 pm

"NBC Nightly News" took a break Monday from the usual coronavirus hysteria and Trump-bashing to reassure Americans that the country is not heading straight to hell in a hand basket.

Addressing public fears over seeing store shelves emptied across the country in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, NBC made sure to point out that stores all over the nation were confident they would not run out of food and that there was no need to panic buy.

Correspondent Kerry Sanders not only reassured viewers, he noted that certain chains were thriving and rising to the task of meeting such high demand.

"But in Houston today, reassurance from a major grocery store chain H-E-B. Its distribution center is well stocked and running overtime to meet demand. Collectively, the nation's largest grocery chains reassuring shoppers tonight, America is not running out of food," he said.

Someone should inform Bernie Sanders that this is why capitalism works.