Protests burning building

Antifa's Media Acolytes

Jeff Katz
June 01, 2020 - 1:12 pm

In the wake of violent protests that have ravaged cities all over the U.S. over the weekend, the "real" reporters have made a point to defend the actions of the rioters while laying the blame at the feet of President Trump.

NBC News was no exception Sunday as "Sunday Today" anchor Willie Geist and White House correspondent Kelly O’Donnell blew off claims from the White House and the Department of Justice blaming the far left-wing group Antifa for inciting violence at many of the protests.

And of course, much like his MSNBC cohorts, Geist did his best to downplay the violence of the protests, saying, "Protests continued last night outside of the White House as well, and across Washington where police broke up crowds by firing tear gas and pepper spray at protesters. This as President Trump and Attorney General William Barr blame left-wing anarchist groups for the violence."

And when O'Donnell spoke about the president wanting law enforcement to get "tougher" on the rioters, she said in a very cynical tone, "Who he says are part of a radical left activism that seeks to cause chaos, not seeking justice for George Floyd."

She later pointed to both President Trump and Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (a Democrat) suggesting some of the violence was being brought on by out-of-state groups, which she quickly poured water on:

And Barr delivered a warning after both Minnesota's Democratic governor, Tim Walz and President Trump suggested some demonstrators in Minnesota were out-of-state antagonists. Claims they did not back up with evidence.