Joe Biden

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Networks Cover Up Biden's Non-Stop Gaffes And Errors

Jeff Katz
June 26, 2020 - 1:34 pm

At a campaign event on Thursday, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden made a wildly inaccurate statement about the number of Americans who have died from coronavirus, saying that "over 120 million" are dead from the disease.

The number he may have been searching for was 120,000, which would be the accurate figure. And of course, with the assistance of his friends the media, Biden's mistake was not reported by the evening news. Instead, the networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC decided to focus on Biden calling President Donald Trump a "child."

The networks also conveniently ignored the report from the Washington Free Beacon which revealed the Biden Cancer Initiative spent 65 percent of its funds on staff and executive salaries, rather then on cancer research.