Ralph Northam

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Virginia Taxpayers Spent Big Bucks Taking Ralph Northam To His Vacation Getaway

Jeff Katz
May 21, 2020 - 2:43 pm

Ralph Northam says that you going to work and providing for your family isn't essential, but apparently spending your tax dollars to make getaways to his North Carolina beach house is essential.

Just The News reports that Northam and his wife, Pamela, have taken around two dozen taxpayer-funded trips to and from their vacation home in the Outer Banks community of Manteo, NC since January 2019. Travel records made available by the Virginia Freedom of Information Act show that the Northams have spent 65 days in the beach house during that time.

The governor's public calendar posted on the state's website does not include the trips or dates the trips were taken. And Just The News says that when the outlet sought out the records, Northam invoked executive privilege to deny the release of his calendar showing the dates of his vacations. 

What is Northam hiding?