Coronavirus open sign

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Time To Get America Moving Again

Jeff Katz
May 22, 2020 - 1:45 pm

Many states (the red ones at least) are starting to lift restrictions on lockdowns due to the coronavirus, businesses are starting to reopen and it looks as if the peak in cases is behind us.

Unfortunately, it doesn't exactly feel like a victory, especially if you turn on the news. We've flattened the curve, are slowly getting back to work and thus far there have been no major repercussions for a state that has reopened. Still, in the mainstream media, it's as if we're still back in March.

The media types and Democrats (though we repeat ourselves) don't want you to celebrate how far we've come. They'd rather you stay locked up in your house in fear of this virus. 

But don't listen to them. It's okay to be happy about where we are.