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More Fake News From The New York Times

Jeff Katz
May 27, 2020 - 12:07 pm

With seemingly nothing better to write about, the "real" reporters over at the New York Times have decided it's time to start dropping outrageous conspiracy theories about President Trump and the upcoming election.

In Monday's edition of the Times, the lead article from Reid Epstein was entitled, "How Far Would Trump Go to Keep Job? Foes Brainstorm Options - Anxiety Levels Increase As the President Attacks The Integrity of the Vote."

More conjecture and imagination than fact, here is part of what Epstein wrote:

In October, President Trump declares a state of emergency in major cities in battleground states, like Milwaukee and Detroit, banning polling places from opening.

A week before the election, Attorney General William P. Barr announces a criminal investigation into the Democratic presidential nominee, Joseph R. Biden Jr.

After Mr. Biden wins a narrow Electoral College victory, Mr. Trump refuses to accept the results, won’t leave the White House and declines to allow the Biden transition team customary access to agencies before the Jan. 20 inauguration.

Far-fetched conspiracy theories? Not to a group of worst-case scenario planners - mostly Democrats, but some anti-Trump Republicans as well - who have been gaming out various doomsday options for the 2020 presidential election. Outraged by Mr. Trump and fearful that he might try to disrupt the campaign before, during and after Election Day, they are engaged in a process that began in the realm of science fiction but has nudged closer to reality as Mr. Trump and his administration abandon longstanding political norms.

This is from the same party that still hasn't accepted the results from the 2016 election and has been trying to overturn them every single day since President Trump took office. But sure, Trump is the one who won't accept defeat.