5,000 man march Lee statue

Eze Amos / Getty Images

Why Are Richmond Protesters So Heavily Armed?

Jeff Katz
June 30, 2020 - 1:18 pm

A group of protesters in Richmond have taken it upon themselves to protect other protesters at the Robert E. Lee statue by arming themselves with rifles and handguns.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports the unnamed group carries walkie-talkies in order to streamline communications and that, while they refuse to reveal the actual size of their group, there are "plenty" more just like them. 

One group member, who says he is an Air Force veteran, has gone from owning no guns to 14 in a matter of weeks, and that he did so to protect those protesting racial injustice. He said he wants protesters to leave uninjured, unharmed and enlightened."

So, when can we expect the "real" reporters and "serious" journalists to decry these protesters and their weapons the same way they did to those "gun-toting deplorables" who attended the Second Amendment rally in January?