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Ralph Northam Admits His Planned Gun Grab Would Not Have Prevented The Virginia Beach Murders

Jeff Katz
June 25, 2019 - 2:20 pm

According to the Roanoke Times, Gov. Ralph Northam admitted his proposed gun plan would not have stopped the Virginia Beach shooting.

During a question and answer session Friday at the Virginia Boys State session at Radford University, Northam was questioned by a group of students who formed a mock goverment and debated how the shooting may have been prevented. The students reportedly decided that the shooting was more about mental health than about guns and challenged Gov. Northam on his proposed gun plan.

Northam has called for a special session on gun control in the wake of the shooting and is pushing for a ban on suppresssors -- though the shooter used two weapons, one of which was not equipped with a suppressor and actually allowed police to corner him when they heard the gunshots.

Northam is also calling for universal background checks, even though the shooter purchased his guns legally, which means he passed his background check.

According to the Times, Northam eventually "conceded" to some degree that his proposals would not necessarily have prevented the shooting.