London Breed

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Cheap Crass Political Grandstanding By San Francisco's Uber Left Mayor

Jeff Katz
March 26, 2020 - 2:05 pm

San Francisco Mayor London Breed bashed President Donald Trump and his response to the coronavirus during a television appearance Tuesday afternoon, questioning why the country is listening to him during the coronavirus outbreak.

While appearing on KGO, Breed told anchors Kristen Sze and Reggie Aqui that she doesn't think city residents are following social distancing guidelines closely enough and that she hopes the city does not have to close public parks as a result.

She was then asked by Aqui about President Trump's comments during his virtual town hall on Fox News that he hopes to reopen the country by Easter (April 12). 

Breed retorted, "My response is, 'Why are we still listening to the president?' We've demonstrated we have to jump in and make this work without government support. ... The federal government just isn't moving fast enough."

The far left-winger also criticized the administration's response to the virus, saying, "The fact is we knew this was going to be a problem a long time ago. This is when real leadership from the federal government should have happened, to prepare for this, to make sure hospitals all over this country have what they need. The fact that it's difficult to get things from other countries because of various federal issues is ridiculous, especially when we need these things the most."