Homeless person San Francisco

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San Francisco Is Now Providing Free Marijuana And Alcohol To The Homeless

Jeff Katz
May 07, 2020 - 2:38 pm

San Francisco is now providing free drugs and alcohol to homeless people who are currently staying in hotels leased by the city. The San Francisco Department of Public Health claims supplying the homeless with these things is necessary to keep them from breaking quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to KTVU, city health officials confirmed Wednesday that they were giving free alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and methadone to homeless people to keep them from going outside to obtain it themselves.

San Francisco's health director, Dr. Grant Colfax, told KTVU, "With regard to supporting people who are at risk, or who need to be in quarantine or isolation because they're COVID positive, our focus needs to be on supporting them. Meeting them where they are so that they can be cared for in the most appropriate way. In the way that's good for them and for our community."

This has sparked outrage, especially from Thomas Wolf, a formerly homeless addict turned advocate, who took to Twitter to call the city's actions "enabling and wrong on many levels."

The city health department responded to Wolf and attempted to justify the program: "These harm reduction based practices, which are not unique to San Francisco, and are not paid for with taxpayer money, help guests successfully complete isolation and quarantine and have significant individual and public health benefits in the COVID-19 pandemic."

Wolf later told KRON, "Has he been examined by a medical professional or were they just asked a series of questions? Because if it was me and I was addicted, I would answer yes to everything. Yes I want everything, yes I’m a heroin addict, yes I’m an alcoholic, yes I need weed for anxiety and boom there you go. To me that’s blurring the lines between harm addiction and enabling."