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Should Police Stop Arresting Any Criminal Who Has A Child?

Jeff Katz
August 08, 2019 - 4:53 pm

After ICE agents arrested 680 illegal immigrants working across seven different food processing plants in Mississippi, a local reporter tweeted out photos and a video of weeping children lamenting that their parents had been taken away.

This article in Truthout also decries the raids and bashes the ICE agents who left "outrage and despair in their wake."

Though the media will push the blame on the awful, heartless ICE agents for ripping children from their parents, the fact is those parents are criminals. And when a criminal is arrested, they are removed from the presence of their children. These pictures and videos are sad, but the responsibility for that sorrow falls to no one else but the parents who committed the crime.

It's that simple, but the left's strategy to shame anyone who wants U.S. immigration laws upheld by painting them as a child-hater has become crystal clear. 

So, should ICE not arrest illegal immigrants simply because they have a child? What about every day criminals who are arrested by police? Where do we draw the line?