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Socialist Millionaire Bernie Sanders Accused Of Violating Labor Laws

Jeff Katz
July 25, 2019 - 2:58 pm

Sen. Bernie Sanders is getting himself a tough lesson in Economics 101. Sanders' campaign is now facing a federal complaint made by an anonymous individual who alleged violations of the National Labor Relations Act, Bloomberg Law reports.

The individual filed the complaint - which included allegations of retaliation, epudiation, interrogation, discipline, and discharge - with the National Labor Relations Board on July 19. It details the following:

  • Concerted Activities (Retaliation, Discharge, Discipline)
  • 8(a)(5) Repudiation/Modification of Contract [Sec 8(d)/Unilateral Changes]
  • 8(a)(3) Discipline
  • 8(a)(3) Discharge (Including Layoff and Refusal to Hire (not salting))
  • 8(a)(1) Interrogation (including Polling)

This does not necessarily mean it came from a staffer, as anyone can file a complaint, according to Bloomberg Law. The NLRB still has to make a determination as to whether there is merit to this complaint.