Stoney Center Coliseum: Justin Griffin Gives an Update

Double the Money?

Jeff Katz
January 30, 2019 - 6:41 pm

"Double what they sell in Miami." Are these the vague projections from the city council concerning the proposed coliseum in Richmond? Justin Griffin came on the show to give us an update, but the city council has provided no new info on its status. Justin gave a new set of numbers from the independent company Polstar.

Supposedly, the coliseum would be producing up to 800,000 ticket sales a year. Making it part of the top ten venues in the world. The likes of Sydney, London, Los Angeles and Brooklyn, which is hilariously and ridiculously high. The council's not explaining how they're getting their numbers but Stoney Center will, allegedly, out sell Charlottesville, Virginia; Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania--combined. These are pie in the sky numbers. We have no sports team--are concerts going to draw in more ticket sales than Miami?

Justin says the coliseum is a "luxury purchase." So, the council could at least be honest about it. We're not "one development away from being the next boom city." That's right, Justin. It's the small business' that carry the incompetent city government on their backs, while the government fritters away tax dollars on a Stoney Center that's going to remain in the Stone Age. 

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Photo Credit: Dreamstime