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Time For Everyone To Be A Volunteer

Jeff Katz
September 09, 2019 - 3:40 pm

The University of Tennessee has taken the homemade shirt of a Florida boy and made it official team apparel after the boy was laughed at by classmates for his design, according to WVLT.

The story went viral after the boy's teacher, Laura Snyder of Altamonte Elementary School, posted a picture of his t-shirt to social media. He wanted to represent the Volunteers on his school's "College Colors Day" but didn't have an official team shirt. So, he made his own shirt, drawing "U.T." on a piece of paper and pinning it on an orange shirt.

Sadly, some of his classmates bullied him and made fun of him over the design. Many on social media rallied around the student and showed their support, and now, the school has made the shirt a piece of official Tennessee Volunteer apparel.