Black Lives Matter protest New York City

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

More Ugly Attacks On Police Heroes

Jeff Katz
July 02, 2020 - 2:45 pm

A Black Lives Matter protester awkwardly stripped and danced in front of New York Police Department (NYPD) officers right outside the One Police Plaza in New York City in an attempt to mock and berate the officers.

The entire encounter was caught on video by Town Hall reporter Julio Rosas and shows the protester dancing in front of the officers before insulting them and calling black officers traitors to their people and a "f**king black Judas."

Upon finishing the strange dance, the protester took off his-or-her top and starting mocking the officers, saying they can't even "read a f*cking history book."

Another protester nearby can be heard chiming in: "I can't believe y'all are getting paid to sit there like f*cking idiots. You guys go to clown college for like 26 weeks."

The dancer added, "You know, a hairdresser has to go to school for longer than you do."

The individual then started targeting black officers: "Half of you don't even have a college education to be out here making demands about the people when you can't even read a f*cking history book and know where you come from. But you want to sit here and tell me that you're educated enough to make demands about sh*t you know nothing about."

"You should f*cking know better," the individual continued, pointing directly at two black officers. "You should know better. Traitor! Traitor to your fucking people. You're like the fucking black Judas."

Shortly after the incident, police were met by more protesters who attempted to surround them, forcing the officers to make them back up.