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UVA's Swords - Yeah, They're Racist Too

Jeff Katz
May 01, 2020 - 1:59 pm

The University of Virginia is receiving backlash over its new athletics logo, after some have claimed it is "racially insensitive."

The logo, which was developed by Nike, was released earlier this week in an effort to promote a branding that "pays homage to our tradition and what we hope our future will be, which is to be bold, creative, innovative, competitive, fierce and fiery," according to Athletics Director Carla Williams.

But now, The Cavalier Daily - the school newspaper - is reporting that some students view the new logo as racially insensitive.

The new logo features saber handle grips that mimic the design of the serpentine walls found on the campus. Those walls, according to the outlet, were originally designed to hide slaves from view.

One student says the logo ignores the history behind the walls, claiming that they "contribute" to the "historically non-inclusive environment" of the university.