John Kerry

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What Exactly Is An AR-16?

Jeff Katz
February 03, 2020 - 1:52 pm

Former Secretary of State John Kerry endorsed Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden over the weekend because of Biden's willingness to fight the NRA and an "AR-16 with a long clip."

Kerry was speaking at a Biden campaign event in North Liberty, Iowa on Saturday when he said, "You heard from Joe about the things he did with the NRA, that took courage, Delaware’s a tough state. I’m a hunter, I’m a gun owner, been that all my life." Following that up by saying there wasn't a "veteran" in the room who would "take an AR-16 with a long clip out to go out and shoot a deer or to shoot anything. But now we have a crowd that was willing to bring them back, and we saw what happened in Las Vegas and other places."

In a way, he's actually right. There is not a person in that room who would shoot an "AR-16 with a long clip" But mostly because that gun doesn't exist.

(Kerry's comments start around 42:20)