Coronavirus New York

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The Death Of Downtown Life?

Jeff Katz
June 01, 2020 - 12:18 pm

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked the most havoc in large cities across the world, and even as countries slowly start to recover, the economic damage wrought by the disease may be felt in cities for years to come.

From the National Post:

Empty city streets in the downtown core on weekday mornings have become a defining image of the pandemic. In April, research suggested half the U.S. labour force was working from home, with similar numbers in Canada, sparked by the pandemic, but spurred by digital trends in which corporate value is divorced from corporate real estate. Some companies barely exist anywhere in particular, but instead float overtop in the cloud.


The pandemic has forced out the leisure tourists, business travellers, and conference crowds that keep city hotels and restaurants in business. But the corporate rush to working from home has most dramatically drained the money-fuelled downtown life of the people who once needed to be there every day: the office workers.