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Writer Demands That You Accept Totalitarian Rule

Jeff Katz
September 10, 2019 - 5:25 pm

A new article in the New Yorker insists that getting rid of "assault weapons" in America is the next major step in the battle against climate change.

This essay, written by Jonathan Franzen, looks at many issues that most of us would not consider climate change issues claims and turns them into, yes, climate change issues. Franzen writes, "Any movement toward a more just and civil society can now be considered a meaningful climate action."

He adds, "Securing fair elections is a climate action. Combating extreme wealth inequality is a climate action. Shutting down the hate machines on social media is a climate action."

And going further, "Instituting humane immigration policy, advocating for racial and gender equality, promoting respect for laws and their enforcement, supporting a free and independent press, ridding the country of assault weapons—these are all meaningful climate actions."