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YouTube Hides The Truth About Abortion

Jeff Katz
July 11, 2019 - 4:50 pm

YouTube continues its war on pro-life advocates as it has now altered its search engine algorithms for the word "abortion" to hide videos from pro-life group Live Action after a pro-abortion writer complained to the social media giant.

April Glaser, a pro-abortion technology writer for Slate, pressured YouTube to alter the search results after she searched "abortion" on the site and the first results that appeared were abortion procedure videos from Live Action, the group reported. Glaser then tweeted that YouTube had apparently taken swift action to alter the search results, to which Live Action responded.

Live Action videos were among the top videos that originally appeared when the word "abortion" was searched. The videos are designed to "educate viewers on how the different abortion procedures are actually committed, since the abortion industry fails to inform women of the truth," according to the group. Some of those videos include this one, which informs viewers how the abortion pill works.