Everything's Going to Be Alright

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Townhall editor/Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich host a podcast discussing the latest news from across the country. 

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Welcome to another edition of everything's going to be all right this is our podcasts apparently. People sort of like this so we're back for round two I'm Katie tablets I'm Sean Spicer and since we last spoke president trump has enacted an executive order the rhetoric in the country is gone you're more contentious air Sanders was booted from the red hand in Virginia time magazine made an egregious mistake and Judd Apatow attacks on on Twitter so we're trying to get kinda all of that's been more coming up on everything's going to be all right. BC news everything's going to be all right forgotten man different guy well meant well. Forgot any harm that I can tell what's former white house Press Secretary Shaun spice or. I don't know energy. Eighty pound winch just sort of broader idea in the left corner so when you actually airs every penalizing. I am just censoring your Brennaman. Everything's going to be all right. All right so it was a big week. A big win for the child administration Supreme Court. Upheld president trumps. Travel ban five to four shine explain what this is because you've been along for the ride site the first travel ban was implemented and it didn't exactly go smoothly is like PT EST yeah. I'm open to him and I'd say it's nasty tweeted not a travel ban went gaga and Don it's not calling it a bad not copping an apple and. You can get the word that the media accusing the candidate can't. Well it can't be it can't be worked well we got thanks so I'll let Chris talk. It hit the again if you lay a million people and. Guide the at such painful memories of this it all right I think that that the judge the court ruled today which is. Pretty much the position that we maintain the White House the president continue to maintain. Which is that this was a lawful execution of his constitutional responsibilities to keep the country safe. A Justice Roberts made it clear that this was not specifically targeting one religion. And that is the duty in the country in the president is to make sure than areas where we don't have. Proper vetting that we are able to do we can to keep the people's I I think. It took a lot longer than I hoped or thought but it was the right decision. So just give people little bit more background on how this travel ban. Outs. But not bad yes there's by nature not a van. Within. The day itself on the yes it is what Easter you know I'm not confused and which opposed by the way however. The countries are originally on the lists how many of them were there Sean do you remember that seven countries today. Came from actually the Obama administration. It's places that we're failed states that could not do proper vetting for individuals coming to United States and therefore. He should be extra cautious of the people coming from those countries. Into America now. This got changed multiple times by the administration after they were sued by a couple of different groups ECW was one of them calling it a Muslim man. Although there were a number of Christian refugees and things like Iraq and Syria who originally weren't able to come to United States as a result of the span. Talk about. How it got to this point. And by the administration had to really change the language to make sure that when they got to its spring court that they would end up with a victory well I think it was. I think there's two issues here's the the legal pieces which is clearly with the court ruled on today saying it sound. And the rhetoric pieces and I don't think I think we we had is. People a point not to me it where we talked about it being a band not a banned it the president talked about some language. Ruling out Muslims during the campaign clearly that's how we used during. The type in the White House but but there was clearly a lot of confusion in the execution general messaging on it. I'm not I think what was right isn't a court saw through that said is it legally sound. On its merits and ruled it was. So you know again this is one of those areas we have to separate the politics and the policy in the message from the policy and I think the court rightly so look through this and said. You know here's what it is and there's everything within the president's power to to execute. That was an that was that was interesting and the opinion that was written by Chief Justice John Roberts. As they did discuss how what the key candidate trumpet time set on the campaign trail. Was irrelevant essentially when it came to them deciding whether the executive branch AKA the president of the United States had the authority and the ability. To implement this order as executive order. To keep what they called aliens out of the country for the sake of national security now. When you look at the dissents. Justice Sotomayor wrote one of them. She said quote ignoring the facts as constraining our legal precedent and turning a blind guides the pain and suffering a proclamation inflict upon counts him as individuals. Many of whom are United States citizens the dissenters justice Sotomayor. Just to skate and justice Ginsburg. They are believed to that this. The statements of president made on the campaign trail should have been considered and the majority opinion says that look. We're not ruling on whether this was a good guy or bad idea we are simply ruling on the presence of the court system. Things that have been ruled on the pass and they actually did right in the opinion. It is not the role of the judiciary branch to decide on matters of immigration or national security at those are. Topics and some things that the executive branch mean the president. At the littlest the justice department for example in hand congress should be deciding on running an ad. Think when the other points it is made is there's a lot of rhetoric during the time of the raw with residents and on the campaign trail. And if we started to judge frankly every candidate by what they said on the campaign trail that's the difference between being government being government being empower me a candidate and I'm not excusing the difference but I'm saying that you can't look that as a matter of lines of let's look back upon previous comments. The the law custody look at on its merits is it legal is it right is it not just the person missed his the president have the legal authority to executed I think. Clearly the course spoke about this. And I think look I would've I think from a messaging standpoint we should have been a lot clearer than in the Obama administration had already previously ruled. These countries did not have the proper vetting system to ensure that when they came the united sees it imposes a threat I think. That's one thing that everybody should agree that no should be coming in this country we can't prove. If they're not coming here with with good intentions of becoming an pose a threat or people we wouldn't want anyone coming from any country. And these particular countries don't have betting systems in place and allowed so. I but I will admit and concede that roll out did not. Lend itself that those strong messaging points and there was clearly a lot of confusion yeah poignant socking. Green about green card holders and telling them that they made up Hilton and to the because if you think problems and a few logistical issues for her right and I think part of the problem today that. Looking back on things and it talks but the larger the people as you regret this. That's an ISI. I regret nothing right now I don't I don't say that because I do believe if you really doing your job in looking back and think hey. This went really well assisting these good things are just didn't go as well how do we improve it. I think we're at a very early stage. Where there was a lot of moving parts mean we have a lot of people confirmed. And we are trying to execute something that frankly deserve it was a whole of government kind of thing it went to a lot of departments. We have a lot of folks that had were part of that process and part of the roll out there are a lot of confusion. And down so you know admittedly I think that we could've done a better job of rolling that out pointed at. To your point and it being not a whole administration process and that's very clear today with the ruling in the things that many of the departments across an administration have been saying. By the Department of Justice. Smitten attorney journal sessions saying this is a victory for the safety of the American people. Homeland Security releasing a statement saying that this will allow them to continue to keep terrorists out of the United States and cake. I extreme betting types of procedures so they're celebrating the State Department clearly has been working with the use of countries that are now on the list. Somalia. Venezuela. Syria Iran others to you know maybe fix their systems that they have because they're not exactly. You know. Beaming with confidence when it comes trying to but these people to get them into the last right in a big hit. You saw much less outraged today. I'm people EDS yet statement from the Democrats but I mean that's sort of standard operating procedure. I think the supreme court's ruling and the clarity yankees issues very helpful going into this. It's mean to seem like a die of course the president has the executive authority and ability to decide. On national security grounds that comes in who who comes out I'm in terms of people who are not citizens of the country and this idea that just because you. Live on wherever in the world you are entitled to come to United States especially when you're coming from a failed state with no kind of vetting processes bomber trying to fight crisis from. I'm carrying out tax your home. It seems pretty obvious that the president would have that kind of ability whether it was president Trout President Obama our president George W. Bush and I think where we aren't. Country is that right now we have stopped examining. The the merits of an issue and immediately attacked and aside enough sort of you know really become we've seen that this this week is probably bend of the low point. A civility when in comes this because right now what we've seen out of the gate is whatever your forearm against for every issue use proposed. Somehow I've got to talk about it being wrong or bad an and that the level of vitriol all the level of of incivility in disrespect as and I at least have seen in my lifetime reached and Alton timely well. Dana and I asked my question because I I admit I haven't been doing this for. And now I have my my humility and understand iso Havel a lot to learn from those who have done this long and I have now is wonder. Is it really as bad as as people say it is they exaggerating. I as the something that is is normal won't get out of but a lot of people I've talked to say no it's worse than I ever experience that has been and it was shot over the weekend. Our Press Secretary mr. Sanders she said on Twitter that she was told the owner of red hand in Lexington Virginia to leave us. In all there's the Atlantic wishing you Lexington county Virginia in 65% for drama like that type out. I forgot that there is anyone's book called part of the plan involves action or I play there back there and the Red Hat in Lexington Virginia is about to leave because she works for president trump. She said that she politely laughed and that the owners' actions say far more about her than me. Many by now have heard that I was asked to leave a restaurant this weekend rights have to to have dinner with my family. My husband had quietly left and went out I was asked to leave because I worked for president trop. We are allowed to grist disagree but we should be able to do so freely and without fear of harm. And this goes for all people regardless politics. Some have chosen to push teton vandalism against the restaurant that I was asked believe for a Hollywood actor publicly encourage people to kidnap my children. And this weekend a member of congress called for people to push back. And make clear to those serving their country and this administration. That they are not welcome anywhere anytime for any thing. Healthy debate on ideas and political philosophy is important. But the calls for harassment push for any trump supporter to avoid the public is unacceptable. America is a great country and our ability to find solutions despite those disagreements is what makes us unique. So what. Just that the owner of the red hen house or to leave Shonn. Does that then allegedly according to Governor Huckabee Sarah's father. She was then chased her next in that direction nation yeah I would always order left out of their description the owner makes it appears that she very politely broader Q. The sort of side brown said to her I have a we have standards I am I. Don't believe that you in the person you were from hold them to please leave and Sarah. By all accounts. Acted as as a real proud and San I don't want caused a scene I will leave immediately from my family. But then SharePoint we hear this other story that that's not with a story left that they then kept following her kept trying to push her further followed her family her husband. And yell and that there is. Another person who. I attacked her kids this week. Peter Fonda. I mean what a Guinea we Saudi attack Barron trump and it talks Sarah's kids we've seen attacks sent secretary cares to Nielsen. Attacks on and so many of the women in this administration. And where all those groups that stand up and say you know attacks on women Iran they're going after not just them but their families and not only about. You have arrived in the leading feminists are not going to get the credibility of of naming that they are justifying. Running women liked yours and Nielsen secretary Nielsen out of restaurants in Washington DC and simply because they disagree with their positions are the policy is that they have been. Tasked to implement and Rick the real question is okay is this new rules sun. So is this something that you are now green lighting for the rest of us to behave as because they're setting up a new precedent here for how we are supposed to behave as. And all these lectures on civility so what the same time arguably Michelle Obama are saying when they go low we go high. They're saying it is valid to run people out of fresh shots in public places to mob them in the streets simply because they disagree. Maxine Waters over the weekend congressman Maxine Waters as at a rally in Los Angeles and she was telling her constituents Arab people in the crowd. And if you see any member of the champ administration cabinet that you should not them find a crowd get them out of their wherever you see that right whenever you. What she said how she said because someone called me out in the damn it she said if you see a crowd surround him and pushed them. Right and so it's at all Shawna what you say you once said at a press briefing that we would push back I'm reporter's story see that's the same thing. Look that's silly there's a context for all words I was you know with the question that was asked if there's a false story we would push back talk equating it to Maxine Waters and as you said. She talked about if you see a crowd surround them and push back. Whether she meant it or not there's clearly a lot of people that view that as as an act of like violence and aggression. And in instead of saying okay that's not what I meant that I I apologize for our she basically doubled down. But here's the broader point Katie we can sit around and Peter who started and that's the incidents he sell off and on Twitter right now we use started it used to this in 1984. You know you've cleaned this guy and it's like OK fair enough we can have you know a bunch of. MIT peoples in Iraq and figure out where the media demolish Yemen who started it and and figure out who assign more blame or we can start to figure out how to move forward and I would rather be part of that group. Because I know enough about where you come down a lot of issues and you know where I come down like I am a eighth fairly fierce. Fiscal and social conservative but I don't mind listening to people with opposing views and I in furlough mostly because I think I've become a stronger conservative I learned. When a liberal makes a good argument I go that's interesting I didn't think about that angle. I hope that I can then really reflect on why I believe. You know in either a conservative social or fiscal cost and say wow I need to have a stronger argument. Or I'm gonna question and think of you know what we've gotten too though is this idea before you even get that idea on the attack human Khalil racist sexist. Whatever you know Hartmann budget other names. And and in a civil society that that is not where I think our country needs to be heavy because I don't mind being a fierce partisan. And I hope that other people who believe in their causes and and policies support them with equal of equal fervor. What they should be willing to listen the other side and not immediately trying to get not just attack them I don't mind if you wanna have a debates. I'm sorry you know tax cuts don't necessarily stimulate economic growth that's wrong we've seen these eighteen models. If you have a policy discussion great let's have that. What went immediate reaction is let's around your house talk about threatening your Fam ranked that's we've lost now well and might I. I don't see conservatives surrounding the homes of of liberals and nemesis in the news but I do see a lot of the time. Leftist activists publicly kicking. People out of brush onto private businesses because they simply disagree with their ideology is comes after. Lectures in years of lectures about civility and coming together and and I can seem like you why should get pretty sick of that meant what I criticism that. President trump says a lot of things that are so civil but on that no you know you could say like you sad who's got you started and finish it. Now people are also sick of just sitting back nine. Out take it if you call me not seed for the next ten years in a month and a modified Bakken and say something different right that is the you know you're gonna come out that way. And for along time conservatives have stood back. And listen to gotten and tried to have the coherent. Valid thoughtful argument and they feel like they've been losing and that I have to to fight back I started out there right and I. I Anderson because I think that's that's actually right I think for conservative. They have been maligned. Dismissed an and that's frankly what why I think trump got elected as he gave voice to a lot of people's frustration if you look at a lot of stories and analysis the public vote the people say I don't necessarily agree with everything he says or how he says it. But he's fighting for me and for issues and and cheer plea I I think there's two things that are of interest in your seeing all of these people attacked. Because they support trump known as an endemic in and and that's not if if they've probably trapper his policies I understand this is what makes our country amazing. Then in protest president trump campaign against him organize against him. But going after these public servants or people who just because they were foreign. Kicking them out of our restaurants threatening their family that's where we've gone way way way too far. But the second thing is and you've touched on this is the idea that. The media outrage. When it happens on the right and people say something that is. Wrong I mean I look I will be the first in line. The say that I think Roseanne Barr's comments were were out of line and you know I've put but I think that how she was treated an end to senator ready so you cannot say which he set about somebody whether or not Iran Ambien or knocked my reluctance you can say about that probably that's sounds good friends and I think that that. The level of incivility disrespect on the left that that's that's again where I think we're losing. The idea that you can't call balls and strikes him as saying sorry I'm on your side. But that's not the way you address another human. It's not but I I have try to get to this point where you can. Acting good faith with people on the left on the issue and say it is because when Gabby Giffords was shot in Tucson Arizona. Tea Party was blames and I and the Tea Party organizer in that city like new. Is his home was mobbed by people he was held responsible for the shooting even though would be the shooter had nothing to do and zero ties some Tea Party whatsoever you do or blame Ford anyway. Brock Obama came to Tucson gave a big speech about civility and coming to gather our hands. We haven't seen any of that change on the left they're still using a Lynn ski Tass tactics. Fast forward to a year now later after the congressional baseball shooting which by the way I find it interesting that the news Barrett caught completely buried when. The shooter and ending the assailant. Actually was a Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer actually was an all right my Wall Street protests are. And yet here we are a year later with this instability coming from the left of mobbing people's homes going up your kids having Jane Fonda's brother say that. A Barron trump should be locked in the cage had a files and yet his movie so comes out this week was Sony. I mean it's absolutely but they did they how do you get to a place they actually they racial gaps that they I don't know I guess they did can damage and a between owner and this doesn't hurt by the way. Remember that thing it's if you let the sweet shooting is is this gentleman. Who once he found out their party went back got a weapon if she tomorrow. The left then instead of condemning it in a lot of cases Blaine Trump and that we you know this all started because they have so even when the left attacks it was trumps fault. Because well his rhetoric puts on the top. Your question there should be things are blatantly out of bounds but they're not I I Saudi get back. Again with with Maxine Waters commons and I will give Chuck Schumer credit he called grounds that this is not broaden Nancy Pelosi. You know rather tepid statement but the idea that none of these other people really had to go out call it out. When I was at the RNC a little hobby yet you know Jefferson middle schools had something. Inappropriate comes it will Tommy's in Republican who ran for student treasures you aren't you know announce it denounce. Now it's like you know well Maxine Waters doesn't really we don't need to call the DNC and seek conflict but where's the apology. Where's that hey this is wrong and I get it we should and again I would give Chuck Schumer at least credit for. Saying that this is this is over the top and wrong but where is also the media denunciation for the state. There are people on the right get suspended they lose their houses they lose whatever and yet. It's almost like they explain away the egregious of the left by saying yep what you guys kinda started. Well speaking of. People start again let's talk about used on people who have very private letter and he let our guy. Now that going after it happened. OK so ABC news was covering the president's comments and which ones say he was doing. Cabinet meeting with leaders. And over the call it a Chiron in the news business that little thing that says you know what the person's name is what percentages are. And and a cut on their home and a fourth sentence of five. Under I asked in the middle of him talking which are USA is you don't buy it he hit him it would be massive new Eddie. This is the president's former campaign chairman. Who's being investigated for a lot of things but murder of his is not a lot lot of them aren't and it's. Account this would have been a massive story and and ABC news puts as you know we apologize to mr. before and I. Certainly any apology to go to Israel Donald Trott in response to. ABC's Twitter and my being spent. If one of and respondent in it again and again named Johnson stopped but it is now. Currently but it might have to murder is not at least what I've read but you know I'd love and the indictments in this her counsel anything in that bank. So anyway I just thought it like you know they they cut on the right over the president in the middle of you know remarks that are playing lie so. Anyone who's watching it is going home we smoked out. Judd Apatow who is and it is an actor yes our director of some sort. Tweets back at me and said you piece. That's all that's how you are remembered as garbage who supported evil. We will never forget your lies and occupations. Code disappear. Which. I. Garbage Spicer I heard that's that's a lot to like pack but again this is not a part of the problem is it that you have meager snapped the ABC news apologized for it to me and a four tight yet but also I think it is disrespectful to the president as it is speaking again. Think this is just not how we treat the president and I call anybody. This is the problem the left which I think is rightly worried at the right as a voice now thinking called Al egregious. Behavior in any issues so yeah that's that that was sort of sort of an interest in response that I got from that and speaking of. You mentioned the media leftist media not really wanting answers have a voice and there's conservative media now which is great your buddy Gemma costs. At one point had a virtual meltdown on air because the president dared to ask conservative media questions during one of his first press conferences. In the white house on by Hugh a rally covering that the president was speaking out this week Jim Acosta was. I'm for South Carolina. Gubernatorial candidate Henry McMaster. Yes she got food residential will be here later on tonight campaigning for the Manuel wants to be the governor of south. Years Henry McMaster and right here behind me wolf I was very proud that we have about a couple thousand people. And so far they are unwittingly thrust forward here know exactly how they feel about what we're doing you'll. He did and from what I gather from the reporting which I don't you know is that Yeltsin some people warranted in Washington and whenever. I say this I have my problems with Jim I have my problems with how GM acts in the briefing room well if that's not true we know that don't know that's. Other forms of surveillance what's no no Jim I think it's Cubans at the end of the day we talked about this mystery for days how he. The yanks that he. In gays and. You know organizational attacking our news organization I. Yeah yeah I can't ask questions certain guys are quiet they client Mr. President elect to write music yeah get a question they'll doesn't like can you give us a Mountain View room. Yes and in the form of journalism that that he participated and because I again I don't think it's the pursuit. Of stories in truth and issues I think it's a show that being said I'm their shocking year. I just don't think that it's right that we error you it we said in a moment ago you can't. Start going after people like that and potentially citing violence and I don't like. When because he should go to do his job we should go to turn the channel satellite what he's reporting or I don't wanna watch him. But I don't want there to be this precedent that ink I think we're gonna say behaviors on his behavior on both sides. And so shocker IE but I you can't US the moment how do we get back to what will we get backed up by saying. That it's anyone engages in sort of bad behavior if you don't like Jim Acosta is reporting don't read it don't tweet don't watch it. But I think that we can address it more civil way because as you mentioned we've got a lot more outlets and and let's let's incur. Urged those reports I don't approach in a bad spot here however any further than that any further yes but. Very I get has been a lot of criticism of the way the president has handled depressed now I agree that he is correct when he says essentially. The press is an political enemies of the administration and that's absolutely true considering most of them fall on the laughs but. He is guilty of saying those two back there are terrible and he's seen reports of reporters getting phone to their cars. And these big rallies of thousands of people I mean does he have any responsibility for or maybe not doing that or is he just iMac I. I that it and they went to unpack. On the first front. I I understand. How he feels constantly under attack and it's something that it takes a lot longer than this podcast to explain but I think that he used felt under attack. Since he kicked off this process. That being said I've also said two things one is I don't like paying the entire media with a broad brush there are good solid reporters out there. And I think he's doing a good job pursuing facts the truth. Stories and interest are recovering things group you know. Good old school shoe leather journalism and I think that we shouldn't paint all of the good people in with a bad people in and is it with a bad brushed. So I don't like the brightest on the and I second I also think that. That we shot we did we should be very careful in the words we use against this this idea of civility in discourse I think calling out bad stories. In false narratives is it is what we should do we end of the First Amendment is is it now awfully impressed but it's that each of us having the right to call out. Express our opinions well when their wrong and there's banners caught up. I just don't know it some of the rhetoric on all sides is helpful understandable some one more thing on this issue of media bias over the weekend we saw. Actually last week that time magazine published a cover story what they screening. Little girl who they allege had been separated from her mother at the Porter. What president from standing over her saying welcome to America well it turns out the Daily Mail one of the good reporters you're speaking of dug into this a little bit and contacted the father of the little girl. In Honduras and the mother had not only already been deported from the United States but she left her husband and three other children. Hired a spider to bring them to United States they work for fleeing violence they were simply coming for her to get work. And by the way she was never actually separated from her child at the border time is not moving. The image right so it's interesting there's tuition there's two things they issued a correction in this story. But not on the cover. Right because there which is interesting to distinguish July cover so they still have time to pull it right. But the night is that they corrected the story and said that it was you know they they said that they need to be more precise. But on the cover they let it stand. Am and I think we have joint pack two things here one is the issue itself which we can we talked about extensively last week this idea out. And the separation upholding the rule of life center. That's one thing and we that is a separate separate discussion. That coverage of it using other and I think this times story is exactly the point. Which is they want the media believes in particular narratives they are against conservatives there against certain things into the coverage to the degree to which they like I I watched one. Network the other day covers thing and they opened the segment by saying we've got this covered by err on every angle now for reporters and it was like they covered it from this and they never covered it from the illegal immigration stamp ordered the RD children being traffic sampling right they covered it extensively on the. On the left merit and that's the problem. It's not the think the issue is important and I can't tell you. How how heartbreaking it is to see some of these children be separated from their families and and wish that we there's a better way and yet make sure that we uphold the rule of law again separate the policy from the coverage that coverage is disgusting. Watching these guys stand by that and in it have the gall by the way to suck but the administration lying. And the president lying over and over again and seeing example after example of these folks. Q do these kind of sector perpetuate false narratives and miss report things and then say. Oh that's totally different. In the objective is to say that lying is wrong the why is that not lying while my. Favorite reaction to it was Brian seltzer at CNN saying that the right and the president's. Supporters were weapon I think the cover. As if the cover was initially used to weapon Wright issue would fancy administration that's that's the exact point. When they use it to perpetuating narrative that they believe it make no no mistake about it you know crop order it's the odds are outcomes and we'll cover it because they want is perpetuating. The outcome that they personally believe and. And it's one thing but when another side calls it out well that's wrong. And your class and rising Russian Rhett Butler is or is it when they are also used that image to further the cause they believed and well that wasn't weaponized in by any means which it was think about how many people were inflamed by that picture. It was not what it represented. The company they believed in an outcome and policy outcome. That per pet did that pitcher that narrative perpetuated their four it's OK it is the most. Egregious example of confirmation bias that I can remember in recent times I mean. They didn't vet. Does the story of what the photographer said it didn't contact the family in contact the Honduran government. It didn't contact the border agent who's also in the photo. And ask him what happens and they did a follow up with him. And he said I was asking them that they were okay and the mom said that she was crying because they just come through the desert and has 11 o'clock at night and she was tired and hungry. But instead they've been depicted this photo of this little child being taken away from her mother. And separated at the border without any kind of other explanation about why that might be happening and that's a whole another discussion. But for them to than stand by the cover and say. But the image had a large impact on the American people in the country in the debate even though is completely false and wrong the impact that it had. Not sure attraction. July is going to roll around and they're still going to publish a newspaper all over the country. In airports in bookstores where ever time magazine publishes people will see the image and as shields saying those. I thought our image speaks louder than a thousand words and it absolutely does but it is a false narrative that they put on the front of this discover dornin. Around explosive interview about the backlash to the cover this time magazine's editor in chief Edward thousand ball did you make a mistake by having this crying girl on the cover. Look got I I think John mores photo. Was and will remain. An iconic ones that we chose the photo. Because this little girl. Became the face of this story on. Front pages and home pages and TV screens let in the face he shouldn't have been the face of this story if she wasn't separated from Vermont. Well you know as John just said in his settle a long. None of us in the media who used the photos knew what had happened to the girl after this precise moment and I are chipping part of the power of the image. Is that unknown this was a girl. Face who's coming to America. Has just completed one terrifying journey and whatever its contours whatever happens to our faces another very frightening journey as well. Well by Monday of this week we knew that he had been separated my mom. In fact on Tuesday you all issued a correction. To a web story about that we that's I don't that's I don't believe the case. We we did make an error which obviously I regret. Ands and haters make. Hate making errors any time or what we made an error on a web story early in the week. Not part of the cover package. In which weeks. It's said that the mother have been separated and we quickly and transparently corrected that well. Well firstly is again on them and it gets a little talk corrects well all five yards today I will say that I I at least applaud Brian sent for at least trying to. Per asking some of those questions because they hadn't been asked at least a bit. And the same the bright weapon I thought it was gonna say outcry that. But that that's okay as the real good yeah does good energy saying Matt actually was a good interview about her 'cause he started out way it automatically puts it. In a position where it's the rights fault for calling I I'm not exactly right but I've never seen him call out the left Purdue in the same I mean it's it's insane it's either right or fraud. And the idea. That. He you know and I do think at least he did ask some of the right question but if this had been the right. It's it's on the that he would be saying are you do you need to what was I gonna run I think you the American public holidays are our sponsors pulling out right here in a Tug you know is our boycott whatever. The idea it's like hey can you please explain how this product and in misconstrued. Pete it's crazy I just sat there over and over again and still on Twitter on a daily basis but the lies that we perpetuated and yet. When they do so this he literally says we didn't know you're. Right it's what you do true. This is he what you do you support you Larry reporter and the idea is simple we did know at the time what you had no problem in the story. Assuming what it happened and leading people to believe what having perpetuating a in image what happened. Because he supported a narrative he want even though you admit that you didn't know what happened at the time and frankly it doesn't sound like they took. Very many steps to find out now they could zeroes to apps like they take they saw this photo. AS doomed to because people were claiming that parents for being separated from children much by the way. I did a story last week about how a lot of the majority of these children are actually not with their parents or with random strangers through their paired up in Mexico by smugglers in violet I I again without really getting to a tough. Policy discussion I think that is a story that I think is interesting because you hear these one off discussions. About. Are these K if we're concerned about the kids which I think universally we are right you already being separated but more importantly are we are they being are they safe and it's someone is illegally taken them over the border. Who as you know is is trafficking them or doesn't have the legal authority to do so. We should be equally outraged and concerned and I've yet to see major nationals or cable story. Focus on that while an antenna and I just look I don't wanna put on the radical policy discussion in this episode. But I I think if we care about children we care about children we don't just care bottom coming over the border with parents separate we need to make sure that there is or their parents. And not once have I seen a story. That says a late parent or. Until we define it's always assuming that's there and we find stories where it's not their parents well we don't talk about that right because that does it again like that it caught in Meriden that the narrative and yet. We should be concerned about the safety of all these children. If there with their legal guardians or parents we want them reunited when she care about the but if they're not we should protect them from the evil that's it could. But you know B which is exactly right there are separated in the first place. Because border tries to agents and make sure that they are safe are well moving on I think we've covered enough media bias for the day are gonna get to some fun stuff. So I I think that you know again as we've we've talked about several times so far today that there's a lot of this you know what wicked what's been now called trump terrain to syndrome which is this idea that. These people on the left. Weathers in the media or Hollywood and our elected officials. Are so wound up about this trump presidency that the same do anything and I think. There's couple instances that stand out of the first was yacht apparently Paul Ryan was out. In an event that Mitt Romney was hosting and so we Seth Rogen he rode in from what I gather was out there talking about alzheimer's and a lot of the researching issues surrounding that that there are hopefully trying just to see. Several. It's to see people's lives. Make them with a better life in the research that goes into it. And odd as Seth Rogen tells the story on one of the late night shows to kids come up to on talent they are dad's a fan of yours would you take a picture Mina. Well it turns trying to get to shake this guy's hand and oh my gosh it's Paul Ryan east now enough. I'll hit Jake I can't take a picture with you in fact. You know I I don't I hate you and I pray for every day until you get out offer you pray weird are at this Seth Rogan what he said on late night with Steve and cold air. I don't know what to do at a table for just grab my hand and I just got shaking his head I don't know what to do and he said it can IE have a picture with you. Local bird whose kids are standing right there. Expectant we clearly found the mine. And I said. No matter. And I said furthermore. I'd hate what you're doing to the country at this moment and I tell the day he's still you know. Longer happen one iota of the power that you currently. Enactment of the I gotta say like. A double yeah I mean that's a real good example. That their fans if you're a movie star baseball or you know actress wore. Whatever like that's what. A lot half of the country and like Paul Ryan and I are also fans right that's the thing like put. Also there's so I think you know there's much more respectful it is OK but to the pitcher but hitting a fan. By the way I I don't. I had I don't agree with you analyze these policy issues and that's fine put. What I think we should be showing me teaching our kids. Is how to respectfully disagree with people not how to be a jerk in public. And what a good example to uphold your kids you know I find it interesting that the LAPD is always talking about bullying. Being kind and yet they can't even have an adult. Conversely change to take a photo that wouldn't happen today to stand up to react to a photo Paul Ryan on politics post a picture of him with his kids griping and B of operating you know thanks so honored you great data whatever the heck it's as. And John Legend goes F yeah. Right. Thanks a lot and so all kinds I don't know I mean is that good examples I get it it's America go out. Protest at a campaign Dahlan. Oppose on for reelection but this is this behavior is spiraling in vote wrong direction and it must have you. Live like news is so different meaning to be constantly that angry not angry men and not in a cage plays for another. A lot of people are either really talented are really funny. And and then to see them at this angry it's like you know. You're you're funny not like or relax a snag or not who I thought once there I don't know we're not the end of the world economy it's going to be a chance of. Adding into. The the other issue I guess is that you know wed before the president while you're trying. He went on Fallon show in their iconic Fallon you know rubbed his hands. It was my head of the funny and it was really funny I am today Austin of the pairs real they are proving it right in and here's think. Jimmy Fallon is a funny guy. And Michelle was funny in the day it was funny and everybody laughed and now apparently had all this regret about you know whether or not he should have done or not and here for a quick look. It's easy funny guy he puts on funny bits it was a great skit. It was a Connick in a lot of ways because and ordered always asked as he said he is there real bright is do it messing it up everybody laughed. And now you know what is two years later something he's not talking about how he's. He's he's got no urgent soundly on Brent I actually do something with someone like. Put your finger third transparent you're automatically endorsing his little bit like baseball. But if you like based on her Republican and I can't like baseball too because that means I'm endorsing Republican her daughter cry about it at Connecticut. And he's an entertainer. It was entertaining and funny I think by in a bipartisan way everybody got a lap that. Because it was funny and that's what his job is to do is to be funny I'm not watching meet the press and at 11 o'clock at night. With Jimmy Fallon that's what you can sit down now if it's somewhat from one of those Sunday shows starts doing bits and try to be funny it's out of place wrong. But but that he's apologizing for each humanizing him. He. And I ever got that all of these Hollywood types. Loved him before he when he was a Democrat they love Donald Trott when he was a Democrat donating money to Democrat campaigns. They loved him when he was friends with Harvey Weinstein and Hillary Clinton and all this fancy party is and now he's actually different and change and as a Republican for implementing conservative policies. There on nothing to do with. Easy Jimmy. The guy screws up my act. Gone back bought the result disappointed defied that it was a real good about. But Jimmy Jimmy Fallon calls via recognize he's lost it looks like so he gets out there. But you know what he's a nice and I agreed to show and because I guess I was running at that time I think I was. Which he's got tremendous ratings and that just killed everybody right. He should be thankful to be ups and we knew politics it's because you've got somebody else who didn't go in the other shows. So I don't Michelle I actually do what you want Atlantic. You look like what is it that you and I have two years later he's now apologized because he humanize. And you really hurt himself. So what's Jimmy you called me up and position. And you should thank you for the incredible vehicle the monster ratings at a very. I think each minutes this page don't hurt yourself by us so thanks to them to incessantly yes. Jimmy becoming just. Okay. But even beyond that I've never seen any of these guys ever CNET and went on the left. It whose who've had substantial deals weathered scandals or policy issues have come up knowing that percent while I wasn't endorsing that policy to Bernie Sanders has on. I don't I think he goes too far left on socialism. They've never said that with the folks on the right there's this need to apologized. Record quote humanizing people with. Dehumanize their. In this case of particular Allen was funny and it Cheney and that's what he's supposed to be doing. It is not a political auction money goes back to at what we've said before. Visit our the last siphoning out any kind of disagreement and make username monopoly on thought Weathers and entertainment and media. If they don't. That data into politically it has no room where they stand site and I don't get arsenic content provider it is an I think that. Look I think the more that this syndrome builds up and they can't have a conversation I think that's where we're headed. We've got two groups of America one that won't talk to the other side. It is not good because you immediately come out against whatever anyone's for just because they happen to be against you know and and I think it. You don't see this in any other industry in a peer reviewed your point a baseball if you are a Red Sox fan as I am you don't go oh my gosh I hate anyone who's an Orioles Stan. Like I would never wish Andy something like as a parent that Philly fans by does that I'm. You know that's that's for another time and it looked as long as you understand hierarchy of a baseball like Red Sox number one patriots are number one in the yeah if you understand hierarchy I have no problem. Exactly well speaking of the intolerant. Tolerant people Twitter of course is always a wonderful place to go for some. Understanding and civil discussion about the news of the day. And if I was really being honest that's the building fake news considers a suspect of the worst kind of behaviors so. We do have some mean tweets time Alessio first and a region one of mine well there's there's a story came out that I I'd I am been working in development with him to do a little bit published show. And there's one woman tweets that may who in the half would get an act Sean Spicer show it's not like he's gonna be nearly as good as Melissa McCarthy not even close and also. Who's. A. And that's right I think Sara. While I thought as bad as out Lewis Maryland 77. Saying to me on Twitter you should be shot in front of me firing squad for your hatred towards children listen that's not what actually. X and rules. It's whether or not those that say I did get a nice of every day that. It's did this one something warrior 96. Is it they took the Star Wars logo. Or exit 21 century fox logo and it says no way and if that's Nolan. Some nice one as well there's there's there's so many night. When it was me. Horse whisperer. Told me Katie worked for Fox News is discovering that white people can't another human shocks you. Another original argument kind harris' thank you very much but tell us about your new show. I'm so I've been in production with. It showed that sit down and do what we've who's been talking about is. To sit down and see if you can have thoughtful respectful. Informative car stations with people about issues that day and I I truly believe. As I said it's not about changing tone opinion. It's not about saying you know it's it's about. Sitting down with fellow conservatives insane Tommy about why you believe this and and on issues of the day on political issues on key policies. I'm on sitting down on the right in the left in listening. Asking questions. And showing I think in demonstrating that you can disagree. You can actually having good informative and respectful conversation what's exciting I think that. And in the people who are interested does the cesspool of that are I just can week and we go down I think. We started something and good with with our little quiz. Our news quiz our news quiz let me out when you go first I went first last week in OPEC. First question. And a national radio hall of fame announced a new inductees this week who is it. Kicked Cali. Noah that's violent about it for mark. Mark I bet I. Everyday there's no sorry every airline lion. Mark yep I I understand hiatus there. OK in my defense just so we understand I didn't. Mark. But what I I was listening to a radio show where he must have been a colleague of theirs and as flipping through the dial in mourning and so let's say. But for our colleague kid Kelly I think he doesn't count down and I was so I had on McNabb Ron sorry negative why aren't buying next question. There's a dog in Spain a police dog name poncho. What did he get trained to deal. Swim. And anyone wired try. Non. And it. Dial 91 line. Well he will give CPR. There's no hey. Right now I'm sorry it yet. I'll say the video well my husband hills girls keep up with the three pages just taken frat kids hopefully just a product the only socal and CPR. I'll wrath at said this is in the same category. The world ugly is dogged. These are as Don thought that name was named to this week what kind of dog is Zaza. Poodle. Death in English Bulldog OK okay you got negative history. That the second in the bottom of that. Right yeah then. Mehdi. And they want to carry that reserve and as a yeah OK yeah those are questions for an MIT exit and entrance exam on happenings there. The White House just announced plans. To merge the Labor Department with why the Education Department ha all its credit yes. It's one. Three this sequel to picks are 2000. War film blank. Movie. Broke box office records what blank move. That out this week. And announcing its blank to. It's so helpful. And Rosie I don't know it's don't have kids this is fair no actually I don't think adult life. If the Incredibles no I'm a negative one back to zero. Now last last chance a new study just published found that drinking four cups of this. Maybe good for your hard line. Wrong. Call pay cut copy well. From all of my activities take. Or why why why did the same thing yeah if you drink a one out turn out the get drunk inject our right a out right and I've got at any. Not advocating and does something that I thing guy gets it find out pretty what did you start the movement but the coffee. And and you and the money needed was for us and not like an incredible hard enough like a typical so if I had a heart that we. Yeah that would be well anyway don't try app. Home and sons worked at the coffee in the morning four cups of wine at nighttime proceed at your own risk. I'm kidding tablet system everything's going to be all rights I'm Sean Spicer have hit next and.