Analyzing Kavanaugh as the SCOTUS Pick

John Reid
Tuesday, July 10th

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Lose the lose. The cult sensation the cold sensation valiant go home to judge Hugo. Code judge yeah. It's given me Storey house this morning Brent Cavanaugh. Nominated by president Donald Trump's. Words the open seat. On the Supreme Court of the United States and Sean trendy is a senior elections analyst at real clear politics dot com and John glad you can be with this. This morning you published a list of the candidates. And you listed Cavanaugh as number one why was that. All the candidates well I think that most of the candidates on that list from. Would've been heavy upgrades from. Anthony Kennedy the one thing that Cavanaugh brought to the bring to the table is that. I know that he just wanted to most brilliant people. I've ever met my wife I think he's someone who's not always going to be conservative and have results. Republicans and conservatives quite he's going to be able to either be private school we have someone who's able to throw those ideas to the public. So you interned for Kavanagh what back in 1999 at some reading this right. Yeah. When you're allowed to do well here cover those here. Do you eat Durenberger Summers you look at what happened but it looked for Friday and then got put him specifically but he was with a lot of my intern did you want that I have assigned to. And so what kind of interaction did you have a mere one of the few people I know who actually has. Both worked with a guy on some levels of so until Santa. He needs he is the really nice person who was kind of a mutual of our local park. She's usually they're jerks. I mean they've they have they've they've been Vieira. Partnered with the law firm your life I have put people on the border parents particularly your personality didn't he was. Remarkably down to earth. I worked extremely hard and we definitely holed our fair share of lawmakers which it was a mutual first summer associate. But he really believe the north. You know there would be OK I can't indicate that we worked on was doing into the dollar to. He would stay in the United States so he dissatisfaction. I heard her making that happen obviously we were literally hundreds couple. You know he did what because there. That's that's a really entrusting them inside in that case. Certainly a lot of people remember Elian Gonzales and and that circumstance what would you say is the importance of having an intellectual. On the court. What we want they had thank you hit it can have. You know William Bratton and was obviously. Very liberal justice but there are other liberal justices on the court William Brennan there was the one who managed to keep a lot of the Warren court precedents going by keeping together. Coalition that he was the one who kind of help he does Perry black men. The last from when he was the point I would sit next week so. You know that's the type of thing that having a well respected and oracle conservative like Kavanagh of our affiliate that in some cases could do. It's helped convince. Justices and you know our future generation of law students. That their positions have merit. We're talking to Sean trendy a senior elections analyst it real clear politics. So when I got in this morning I started going through my email to tried to discern. Who would come out for this guy and who would come out against him of course some of the the usual suspects. Left wing Democrats have announced. On this not a surprise that they're against him but I was I was a little surprise that some of the far right groups especially family groups. Had said that they don't support. This nominee in what was your reaction and and was there anybody who jumped out at you look at the dead are raised an eyebrow for you. For or against. You know I'm kind of just getting into that side I haven't read all the examples about the type of all the great groups came out against him. You know they could. Republicans are little they're suspect was just look at their reserve over the papers say that they've A Brent and nominate then in the black but not horrible weather was dominated by Dwight Eisenhower. There the president nominate him in the black denomination in the Peter nominates and then he would dominate and Ali were. Or Republican appointees who ended up being quite liberal. Arm. He was Roberts. Exactly exactly Roberts you know that. Well of course the wrong road on the ACA. Obamacare the and so. You know it's they they wanted someone like. Who you know it was personally very. Socially conservative you know very devout Catholic who they were pretty certain was not gonna sell them out overturning roe V where Roe vs. Wade. You know I don't know I haven't always put on an abortion case to have my position that he would do Republicans who want but I honestly don't know call me. But I understand their concern and their paranoia. About the Supreme Court nomination. So 121. You know Twitter is abuzz this morning with people who say that the in the world is coming to an and hundreds of particularly offensive side a two week said Brent Cavanaugh spells his name with one K. Because three would be too obvious do you think maybe some Democrats are overplaying their hand here arming there and could she say that they're getting off a little easy this guy isn't. As crazy right wing conservative as some of the choices might have them. Yeah I mean he's not a conservative as say you know William Pryor would have them. Their goal Mike Lee. Com bird you know our I a there are certainly people I've worked with over the years he detect analyze preview percent or even you know racially tense because from and I never got that you know. I'm not gonna. Claim that I know Brad. Like. News yes the I don't think I don't think. I think that's just hyperbole and and then. Send I don't think that's justified. So with that having been said how. How do you see the political battle playing out over the next few weeks do you think Republicans are able to fast track this and hold their people. In. In line so that he can actually get confirmed. Yeah I mean it's imminent there's no nothing dropped about him from his personal life as I think you'll get confirmed. The interesting question what the red state Democrats yeah Democrats running in states that the commentary sometimes five point point. There they have a pet both Capcom either show themselves as being more liberal than the Republicans is they need thinker they cut off their bay. Any prediction on on some of those folks. You know I think people like Joseph Manchin almost certainly votes for him assuming he you know all goes well for defamation downright calm. Do you know someone who are they there. Permit capital and much more liberal I think here the very very agonizing for her vote. No kill him. There Sean trendy senior elections analyst at real clear politics. We really appreciate your joining us especially without personal insight into the nominee thanks Sean thank you.