August's Ask the Governor

John Reid
Wednesday, August 8th

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It is not O five here on this Wednesday morning the eight day of August 2018. And I'm John Reid glad your with this year. On Richmond's morning news on news radio WR VA are monthly visit with the governor of Virginia. Takes place today for the next hour. And I'd like to invite you to call Lynn and chat with Virginia governor Ralph north some. Here's the telephone number 3451143451140. If you got something on your mind now always say this. You know politics has got everybody riled up these days we're headed towards mid term elections congressionally in November so. You know you can call it your mad about something it's fine for you to call but we keep it classy and we do with a Virginia way here you can ask a pointed question. In a pointed way. But you know no attacking anybody on this program at least wamp. I'm Ron and that and we welcome your calls 3451140. If you got thoughts or comments or questions for Virginia governor Ralph north and the governor we do appreciate you joining us every month we know we're. One of the two radio stations in Virginia and get a chance to sit down with you every month and I appreciate your willingness to them. Coming in and sit down and take these phone calls and take these questions well I appreciate being here John and it's always good to hear from from your listeners and good things are happening in Virginia you know yesterday outside the Redskins park us an idea how long we're looking over the team they are looking good there hell they got talked to Bruce Allen and he's optimistic so I'm gonna hook going in Mecca prediction not. You know the Redskins are scrimmage and are playing a pre season game tomorrow night against the patriots. I'm predicting they're gonna end up against the patriots in the Super Bowl and win by ten this year if you really going out oh yeah this is an extension of what you predicted yesterday truck tire by just heard some cheers from the other side in this building and you Bruce Allen and a mile boss George alum will be. This is a bot hum bipartisan moment here absolutely absolutely we end you know we talked yesterday some about. You know the Redskins are looking for a new stadium and we'd certainly like to have them up in in Virginia we have a lot of fans say in Virginia and at that pool for the Redskins push you know there. -- did a poll for other teams as well put that's why we you know we're diverse state so we welcome that I saw the picture of the stadium in the times dispatched story that ran on what what are the chances that that's actually gonna come through and that's the 20/20 seven that's way down the road right exactly you know probably in a rocking chair somewhere when that when that happens but you know I think we have a good chance. And we talk some about it yesterday that you know we're inclusive and in Virginia a lot of fans in Virginia. And I certainly support the risky and we've done a lot to help with transportation. That's certainly important that the egress of who have been ever get the fans to and from the stadium so I think we've got a good chance they're obviously looking at that. In the keep in the state and potentially in Washington are are Maryland so they're looking in all three irons. Yeah well but that that would be good news for Virginia that's let's focus on in them every every Sunday everybody paying attention to us. Phyllis I got to talk to you about something that everyone is paying attention to Virginia a year ago. Win that rally took place. At the University of Virginia in Charlottesville home that the discussion was originally about the removal of the confederate. A memorial in Charlottesville and then it degenerated into conflict between some rabble roused hers who were. Pro confederacy I don't know if they're pro nationalist that's what dove white Nationalists that's what's been said and then the ante for crowd. And it was really a bid the end up that we had one dead person and it was a black guy for the state. The rally may not happen in Charlottesville was no permit issued four and as I understand it but I guess everybody still on edge who would. What do you anticipate this weekend do you think the state and this city will work together and be a little better prepared this year than compared to last year. Well John it was a tremendous tragedy and has most folks remember beautiful city of Charlottesville long before University of Virginia our daughter actually. Graduated from there and in thirteen and you know a group of supremacy so white supremacists marched in with their torches and and banners and and weapons and spewing hatred and bigotry and I you know I was there last year. Today after and and just make sure people understood that we don't condone that in Virginia week we told those folks on that that came in. They were spewing hatred and bigotry that they warm welcome to go home and and don't come back to Virginia so. So we learned a lot from last year John. And so. We have made a lot of modifications we've had a lot of great discussions. I think people can be reassured in Virginia is that we have a collaborative. Effort. Between the city of Charlottesville are law enforcement hard department of emergency. Management our National Guard. Calmed everybody has been involved and we feel like we're very well prepared. If if anything happens in in Charlottesville like you did. Last year there were actually via. A press conference this afternoon at 3 o'clock cut to. To review some of the plants that we have made to prepare for this. And I would say in not only do we lose the the life of hell are we also lost two or state police and they were. You know empower and surveillance in a helicopter that that went down and now we don't know one of relive the tragedy again. You know I'm loath to do the hindsight is 20/20 ain't or to be critical of police officers. But do you feel like the state police in cooperation with the Charlottesville police. Is somebody dropped the ball last year and I I don't wanna read litigated but do you. Do you think they are both committed to allowing people to. Exercise their right to protest and make sure that there isn't this. Com confrontation that occurred last dominant they've 100% focused on them. Absolutely John and you know we you know we worked wanna make sure that we've we are able to support people that I believe in the First Amendment that wanna make their opinions number we we wanna do it peacefully. And in new event and it's not peacefully done. We are prepared and you know we we did learn lessons from last year and and there's been a lot of discussion again between the city of Charlotte north and our state police or local police agents are first responder so. We're confident and I think if if people are interest that that to tune in this afternoon at 3 o'clock they'll seize it. That they can be reassured that we're gonna keep people safe this year. And this is not just Charleston told the rally that may actually be larger and take place in get a lot of attention will be outside the White House but that could involve people on the metro. Of course Virginia has a stake in that will be your assessment of the idea of separating the groups send a private car for the protesters. I guess that's not gonna happen now. Where wrote that we we have prepared for that as well and then emptying your make a great point that if if something happens and in Washington they can. Easily affect Northern Virginia and so you know we've had those discussions and another been. You know bin voices. Over how people can get their transportation wise and I think they can use the usual means of transportation. I came Muslim rather way to. Accommodate some of these groups so we're we're again we're prepared in Charlottesville were prepared. In Northern Virginia and then obviously next weekend now there's also some talk about some folks coming back to Richmond so we're paying close attention to that is well and this isn't. Unconnected what do you think this weekend when you picked up the paper and saw that red paint on the lead. Monument on monument avenue you all have the responsible for clean a dog's name did you web saluted the capitol police monitor that that's owned by a the people of Virginia and you know I'm certainly can support people's first. Amendment rights to it to make their opinions known but when there's vandalism and Bob we we don't condone that so we as you know we have a a thousand dollar reward four to find the the individuals that were responsible for that and you know we'll we'll. Make sure that justice is done when we find them that that cost us the state about 5000 dollars so you know all of these things when when people vandalized. We certainly don't condone that we we're gonna do everything we can keep that from half. Surprised by one of the quotes in the paper the next morning from one long one of the leaders of the mayor's commission is simple this is what happened I think I'm. Paraphrasing correctly this is what happens when you don't listen in to the people in your community you don't allow them to take control their own situation at. I don't know what I was angry by that quote are just thought it was a little. Hostile won't. What do well again John we I mean we are Lucy encourage folks to him make their opinions known in a peaceful man and you know we don't consider. Spray and withdrawn pain on statues and a peaceful that's visible on the statue stay up forgive me for honorable let's say the statue stay up. Are we gonna just constantly stay in this cycle where people. He's a protest which is one thing or you know they feel empowered to vandalized to try to make their point is that going to be acceptable why I think people can always protests and again if they do it peacefully that's fine I would remind folks of that in this day and age. Their camera so and a lot of different places and so hopefully that will. Make people think twice before they do some like this because I can promise you that if we catch these folks they're gonna end up in jail. I appreciate it all right well thanks for answering those questions we got a lot of callers on the line already 345. 1143451140. A promise when we come back from this break we will go to your calls and give you the opportunity. To ask questions directly to Virginia's governor route north from here on ask the governor. News radio 1140 WR VA. Back here live in the WR VA studios see in Richmond Virginia as we continue our ask the governor program wants a month Virginia's governor. I joins us live here to take your calls and answer questions from. Citizens. All across central Virginia and Ralph north amiss here in the studio today prepared to do just that 3451143451140. If you like to join this conversation we have a number of people who already. I called in today and let's begin with Livni used been holding Libby you're on the air with Virginia governor Ralph north of. Well hi umpire everybody he had that I love go ahead and get to the point I'm trying to understand our public education system is still laughter. Sixty years. Com it's not getting any better governor. Can we possibly. Do away with it the I'll department any. I can start over I mean we're all in the Internet world balcony kid did it on line can't reach. Make these giant learning centers where we treat over breakfast lunch and dinner and take care all their needs while they're Hanley you know whatever and and did I mention like a trade legal right away like in middle school English speaking they're not getting better you know our. Public school system can especially over in Brunswick county and all these little circle old little Caylee we have to live and so should thank you for answering Matt would. Libby thank you so much for call and and and you know education as some that this does really a top priority of of mind then and now our administration my wife as you may know us a K through five science teacher and there's no doubt that we need to. Look at how we're educating our our children but I would tell you we have some good people not in place. We've done a lot of work in the last few years with SOL reform we need to stop teaching our children how to take. Multiple choice tests they need to think creatively. And I think to your point and you make an excellent point. Let's talk about let's you know let's jump outside the box if you will and talk about how we train our youth for. 21 century jobs and they are much different. From wind perhaps you and I were growing up and and first of all to identify those as. You know what I call Steen make science technology engineering that arts math and health care things like cyber security unmanned aerial systems biotechnology. Data collection that analysis of these are the jobs of the 21 century. A couple points I would make we need to make sure there are colleges and universities are affordable for all Virginians that's something that I am committed to doing. Number two is that we need to get past the stigma. There are so Doug ton of available jobs right now where one doesn't need a four year college education so we need to get past set. And and make sure that we're bring in skills to job we've got 23 great community college systems we've got apprenticeships what I would tell you Libya that. What I hear every day and I just came back from a trade mission in Europe. Is it if we can train the work force in business is in Virginia will grow and businesses who want to come to Virginia so so do your point. Let's sit down and have a I'm good discussion on on how we prepare argue for these 21 century jobs and that's some I'm committed to doing. Do you see the story the other day about how the city of returns tried to fill 85 jobs before school starts in September Matt's a lot of teacher positions I I don't know about the city but I know of some of my friends who used to be teachers who left. The profession have said they just can't deal with the kids run roughshod over him and they feel like the kids know they run the school instead of the teachers. I'm assuming your wife doesn't feel that way she can say hey my husband the governor you better straight. Up half a John I would say I'm on educators who I teach into the medical school level with teach in is a hard job. And just couple weeks ago I went into a classroom in Tallinn AP class and biology and you know to I did it for an hour and to think about doing that for six hours every day and and you know making sure that we're taking care of our children's needs or their family's needs but let me tell you where the rubber meets the road with with teachers. Right now our teachers in Virginia are getting paid on average about 98200. Dollars less than the national average and so if you gonna recruit. Talented teachers and be able to retain them for so we gusts are paying. Knew we talk about all these. You know high paying jobs that are out there and tech knowledge what someone's got to train our children to do those jobs so so I think Virginia has to make make sure that. Pay in our teachers that took is a priority and it is certainly from me last year. In our budget we gave with 3% raise to our teachers some of the we've still got a lot of work to do not know we've got some revenue come into Virginia. This year the dinner nice and Internet sales tax it's gonna. And about 300 million dollar so let's invest these dollars wisely in our future our future is our children and the paycheck does matter no question. He Roy is holding in keeping with our theme here of education. Roy you're on the air with Virginia governor around north of. Thank you governor you. I just mention this as a follow up the longhorns beat. Fact of having colleges and universities. Well funded collapse. Quote. Much film Virginia student some quote. And yet though you have schools. There are bringing more and more state school kids from outta state. And depriving kids with equal SATs and so forth of slots in the state schools so what you have stood I'm in Virginia Tech just say they want 60%. Of their students to be from a diverse population so I'd be an arrest in the net. Roy here and I need to sit down and have a chat that you are you we're on the same sheet of music and one of my pet peeves and you know Pam and I raised two children and it is very competitive for our children to get into. I great schools in Virginia so why is set well in a you know win the state continues to Whittle down. But the support that we've put toward higher education. Up for an example. You know it's thought ten years ago. This state support for BMI where I went to school was about 3334%. Now it's up less than 15%. We can't continue to move in that direction and what happens when we do that. The schools react by doing one of two things are both. One is today raise tuition because they need that the funding the second is that they take more out of state students because they can charge higher tuition. And I agree with you we need to be looking to fund our our higher education better in Virginia so that. That we can give our students folks that have worked. And raise their famous in Virginia they should get first dibs at our. Colleges and universities and this a close I wrath I think diversity is a good thing do you not think we need to invite. Folks from other states and other countries into our colleges and universities but but let's give our children are Virginia children. Priority. Thomas' holding you're on the air now with the Virginia governor Ralph north of. Good morning governor good morning John I. Our our governor might not keep our health care costs yes the trumpet that it's their third straight compared. I believe pastor of a law or won't rule that says that hospital must close their prices or warrant which he couldn't be good first step of lowering now rather. Cost of health care costs. Or the other it bothers me at the state approval is the necessity for a few hospitals that do on the imaging centers do. You're certified by the state also because certificate of public or leave it. On the considering that there are over parts competition because. All of these are bigger companies like hospital corporation of America are of course and had petitioned the sitters and the public need. Where do you stand ore and other necessities of certificates republic that you can what can we do at this state level or see the problem to recruit the state level could Dresser. Absolutely time Cece a great question is a little bit complicated and I'll try not to get too much into the weeds but. To your point if if a clinical or hospital or surgical center wants to open up a new new practice they have to go through wire. Commissioner of health and and apply and that's called certificate of public need you're exactly right about that. You know I've told the legislators. That I wanted to expand health care in Virginia which they cooperated. But with me this past year we've given access to close to 400000. Working Virginians step two in that process is to address certificate of need. And I would look at it Thomas is more my hybrid I don't think we need to just. Getting rid of some net certificate of need altogether but we do we do need to. Thought to make some modifications and that's something up I planned to work on I understand that as a physician and I appreciate your concern and Hisham. They're a tough issue and a little more complicated than that. The sixty seconds we gave you an answer when we come back we'll continue with your calls plus I wanna Pasco the governor his reaction to the election results. Around the country last night is this a referendum on Donald Trump. What does it mean for the future of the Democrat party the Republican Party as we head towards elections here Virginia and our our ballot safe. Here in the commonwealth we'll talk about it when we return on news radio WR VS. 935 here on this Wednesday morning the eighth day of August 2018. I'm John reading glad you're with this year on news radio WR VA for our monthly sit down. With Virginia's governor. Ralph north thumb in the studio here lives in Richmond and we're. Pleased to be able to offer you the chance to call in and ask questions or offer comments to the governor at 345. 1143451140. Governor wanted to. Start as we come back from that break with you were assessment of the election results last night and everybody's gonna debate. If it's a tight election any district that Republicans have usually done well in and Donald Trump the one with eleven points but the Republicans barely eking it out. It do you think that this is a referendum on the president and his personality the president and his policy agenda and what what he would be sure assessment as a Democrat governor. For your party's prospects when we get to November this year. Where Russia it was interest and to watch fell last night in a couple things I would say first both. There record number of women. Running not only for these congressional seats but sure I've gubernatorial seats so that's that's been interest in to watch. What I hit what I guess since John when I. Talking and listen to folks as. You know I think there are people out there that are are concerned about some of the policies and and the way that policies are being made right now in Washington but. More importantly. You know I think people are looking for change and they're looking for leaders who will listen. And the priorities that I hear again as I travel across succumb world number one is it. People want a job that they can support themselves and their famous within and so you know workforce training is obviously very important wanna make sure that their children. You know we all want to want our children to do well so they wanna make sure their children have access to a world class education system in. They want know that that they have access to affordable and quality health care these are all things that are. Are very important and so I think that candidates that will go out there and and meet with folks are at the door meet with them in the in the coffee shop and and really listen. To what's on their mind those are the ones that are going to be successful and I think that's what we'll see as we get into the mid terms this year. Well the first thing you set on your list who has the job yet issue. I mean and Donald Trump kind of delivered for Americans on the web front dart in our economy in general I'm going to be a little bit biased and say that community the important. Work for a tour are our economy haven't had the state level and number no we can we've come a lot of things and in Virginia. As you know our unemployment right now as it 3.2 percent. So Lois it's been an over ten years Virginia. Just recently was named the fourth state in in this great country of ours and which to do business I wanna still be number one. Some but a lot happened to the state level and and back to your original question. Just the way that policy has been informed I and again I know how things work at it in the in my administration but. The best way of make him policy is is not through your quarter crack I can honest to listen to people. Not talking to you staff. Not talking about how you can message your policy and then move them forward so I think people are taken note of that Tim Cook speaking of this to. A level when we get to these November elections in Virginia will be running our congressional. Collection yet without the influence or the dominance of the federal government telling us how to do that right what can you say did voters who are. Hearing the stories about the Russian. Yes the possibility of Russians in influencing the elections and the real concern about the integrity of not just our voter lists. But the actual balloting on Election Day what is Virginia doing to make sure we're out in front of that. Great question John and you know we wanted to we first thought we would encourage everybody across Virginia to register and to vote that's really what makes democracy strong. And then we wanna make sure that every vote counts and then other countries particularly Russia are not involved. In our election process and so. Now we have a paper trail in Virginia we were one of several states that that do that. We've also keep a record we will vote we do is that required. No it's not as it is in Virginia yeah I guess outlets the way we we have I chosen to do things. We gotta have put a new person are in charge Chris type person in charge of our. Department of elections he's done a great job we just recently had a looking at the recommendations from the. You don't think the Russians or any other outside third party could come in and delete names from the voter rolls and cause all sort of chaos from that do you do you think you've prevented. Well firewalls to try to prevent where. We're doing everything we can to prevent the gentleman on the United Technologies such afternoons. People that toe wanna get into our Arab. Electric system so we we were on the look out for the night again we've made a lot of changes and we're doing everything we can't make sure that every vote counts in Virginia. Or make sure we get to some of our callers who dial 3451140. To ask questions of the governor and let's say let's go to John who's been holding John you're on the air with Virginia governor Ralph north of. They. Say good morning governor good morning I'm. You know I tuned in probably about twenty minutes after Bernard Lewis and he would talk about three big government spending programs are free health care. Are increasing funding to polish public colleges and then increases in tuition bill that the teachers. I think gonna pay for their governor I mean number I'm a taxpayer am I gonna put the bill and how much am I gonna debate. But in all fairness John I appreciate your call but I don't believe I've made any comments this morning about free health care. I talked about. Makes ensure that the Virginians have access to affordable and quality care. And as you know we've we've just expanding coverage to up the 400000 I wanna underlined for you working. These are working Virginians say -- afford health care but that doesn't mean and it's going to be free we also wanna make sure that you know Virginians have access to. To a world class education system. That. Now we we know there is power and every child in and I'm not I'm sensitive to to what you're saying John. I would tell you that Virginia. As far as our expenditures. We're very lean her act taxes are low compared to other states. And we don't want to invest what we have. A responsibly. But we do need to make investments in and health care and in transportation and education or not. I can tell you the way I've run my household the way have run my business I am. Fiscally responsible and and so I don't anticipate. I'm using your tax money unwisely has come very sensitive to that but I appreciate the call. Diana is holding Diana you're on the air. How I am naming Diana and add from Cumberland Virginia. That the handling median and timing Cumberland at about 36000 dollars the year where very poor county. Although. Aaron and comment below our tax rates and some of the highest. I'm and a column author Virginia for personal property taxes so my question is a follow up to what John was saying. Would you support tax increases. To cover the cod. I'm teacher raise fares and university tuition being held at a lower rate. Diana thank you for the the call and you're in a beautiful oil section of a Virginia. I'm I don't think we need to raise taxes. I have never advocated tough for that. Com what is happening in Virginia right now is that our economy is to convert the very well assassin our unemployment rate is at 3.2 two lowest it's been an over ten years. We're fourth in the country on who. States in which our best to do business in and so we have. Some pretty significant revenue. Additional revenue that's coming into. A Virginia I'm very proud of that in and I think we need to have a discussion with people like you. How do we best and ascent do we. And returned some to the taxpayers so there are a lot of options are on the table. Now but I can tell you that no Virginia is doing very well we balance our budget die each year that's a bipartisan effort. Cannot disclose on your call by saying that. You know we believe in the Virginia way that's what I have brought into Richmond as as governor is. That we can agree to disagree but at the end of the day we we work together and do what's in the best interest of Virginia. Art well we come back governor I'd like to have. Switch back to politics for just two sec of course we'll take more calls at 3451140. But you know beat me you're the leader of your party here in Virginia when you ran last year. He got a position yourself as a moderate. If I want you gosh I'd be looking at my national party thinking we've got all these socialists going around kind of I mean almost try to take over the party. At least there's an active conversation amongst Democrats. About those issues does that give you pause so are you concerned about whether your parties being hijacked. Com solid chance to that question when we come back from the break of course will take more calls if you've got a question. For Ralph north them call us right now 3451140. We're back with more on news radio W word VA in a moment. 949 here on this Wednesday morning we aids day of August and once a month Virginia's governor joins us here live in the studio Ian in Richmond to talk to the people of central Virginia and get comments and questions from you directly if you'd like to join the conversation and our final ten minutes here. Call 3451143451140. Governor before I go. To the callers who were holding let me follow up a one I mentioned on our way out. Gosh I mean it and am I exaggerating or being partisan when I say it seems like a lot of full. On socialists. Are attempting to take over your party are you worried about that you position yourself as kind of a moderate when you ran. And and a lot of the things I'm hearing from national Democrats aren't very moderate positions. You know John I ran a very progressive campaign in 2017. We talked about job to talk about education health care safe communities. Clean environment. We have a big tent in the Democratic Party and now there's a lot of discussion going on with the way I approach this is. You know I've always felt very secure in what I believed in but I am very open minded to listen to other folks thoughts and I do years and so. That's that's why I'm comfortable. VMware I am again. Virginians right now I believe want to someone who's oh lead in the south. A state whose fiscally responsible that's where I am I think they want less government in their lives and I certainly. Believing that has as well also. I'm comfortable with our party ousted always going to be discussions on. You know what what the issues are that are important to folks but again at the end of the day for Virginians. People wanna job they want their children have education they want access to health care. And they want an inclusive Virginia and that's that's what I believe in and that's way the way down moved forward. I'm Gilbert is holding wanna make sure we get to other callers have been on here for a little while holding Gilbert you're on the line with Virginia governor Ralph north of. Good morning gentlemen our diplomats and government really quickly option he major three thank you heard something about revenues that the number of jobs. And there's something about calling me got that clean there aren't healthy environment. Our. Have been poisoned out of every job I've ever had become the dirty drug dealer and she'll be tobacco companies are just wanna know me and finish. He had every other elected should official in Virginia all the way down the city council's I don't put. Dole's murderous Joel Pineiro Baylor Obama visits because ramp. More than a bit stricter product we have a product much extra and we break it cannot be removed Robin Washington called let's go will be on worst fox and everything that I cannot give the nicotine out of and I'm on disability. If I am trapped in my house I can't really go out to get groceries. Coast people are light cigarettes by our youth and they think they have the right deport you because they've been given right. Unconstitutionally. By Virginia purportedly. You over I appreciate your your question in an as a physician I can certainly relate to your concerns. As you may remember her back in oh wait actually carried the legislation to ban smoking in our restaurants it was finally passed and signed into. Law by governor kaine in 2009. So we are doing a lot to to decrease the exposure to second and actually third hand smoke which as you said just gets in your clothes and on curtains carpets eccentric. I think though they issue that maybe you touched on is our hope you're in crisis and you know we're doing everything we can to make sure that there are if there are individuals across the commonwealth. Did have a an issue with addiction or they know someone their family friend eccentric. Who want them to know that their health and I'm traveling around to all the medical schools as a physician talking. To our students are residents are providers on more innovative ways of dealing with both acute and chronic pain so. A lot is happening now in that regard as well but we wanna make sure that Virginia. Stays healthy and I'll do everything that I Kennison government position to make sure that that happens. A governor we've invited people to. Contact us on Twitter and on FaceBook to ask questions do I wanna make sure that they know that we're paying attention to what they're sending us this one's kind of a loaded question I'll warn you from Twitter regarding the pipelines. I'm dear governor. Does dominion energy have pictures of view or is it just giving you a blank load of money for selling out our State's environment I think. We're talking about the pipeline here. And and that's certainly a legitimate topic to bring up and up. You know I ask people to keep it classy move here but I mean there are a lot of people really angry about. About the pipeline issue what's your Rihanna. Absolutely John I'm I'm very sensitive these folks and I as I travel across the commonwealth have had discussions with a lot of them and I listened to their their concerns. Let me hopefully reassure. Virginians and then the folks at our. Are coming in through your social media. This pipeline will not. How repeat it will not help move forward and less it's done. Use in the law. And nuisance science and as they call or there's and choir made you may know. The mound valley pipeline. That they build an of that has been halted. And there are also. Have been some recent rulings on the Atlantic coast pipelines we need and I will continue to support our. Regulatory agencies are we worked with the DEQ and Virginia. We are making sure that every stream in Virginia is looked at and if there are concerns about it there are being addressed and so. As we move forward as I said earlier it will not be built unless it's done. Now with environmental. Regulations. With the power property rights. In mind. And this has been my position all along I have confidence. In our DQ I have confidence in the corps of engineers and and most recently the fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that what we're doing. What I DDQ is doing in Virginia. Is is by the book and they supported that in and that's the way will move forward. This is this. You know I'm not here John to speak for dominion but the it is important that we have competitive energy rates Virginia as we move our economy forward and something that I am very pleased about and have worked closely. With dominion is our farm. Movement toward renewable energy and we just had an announcement in off. I last week up to wind turbines are going up off the coast of Virginia we had the potential to. Not to put in 2002000. Megawatts of of wind energy off of our coast that will. I energize 500000. Homes across Virginia. They are committed to 3000. Megawatts of renewable energy by the end my term so. You know so we're working with dominion we're working with other energy companies working with winds solar. Working toward renewable energy that I had to end of the day we want to provide clean energy for Virginia and that's certainly a competitive cost. I'm looking at the clock or running out of time let me get a you've got to question a Redskins stadium we start with the Redskins might as well get close to ending with a. He had real quick governor Bob Hope and you're gonna tell me that you're not gonna spend it up any of my tax dollars to support a bit multi billion dollar. Enterprise. The only you've seen the study you're Smart man these stadiums do not. Pay dividends. To the taxpayers they are a waste the money look at the red green and be all that good good good city Richmond it. It's ridiculous and now watching to please tell me another Virginia. You're not gonna about a penny of our tax dollars to support both again billion dollar bet that especially. When they don't make their employees. Stand up for the National Anthem. Right now as ma Guatemala under the Dallas Cowboys fan and I think it's gotta love Jerry Jones he's standing up and doing what's right. For America and he's told his employees and players if you don't stand and salute our military and our country then you're out of a job and that's the way should be. Pete I appreciate your card just say to close that I would say that no tax payers money in Virginia will go to support. A new stadium so you can be assured of that but thanks for your call and go Redskins. Yeah you know people are. Hyped up about where you know they're the kind of monitoring almost aligned byline of this budget every time you come on we have gotten into the I won't say minutia of the state budget that you know a lot of concern about waste in government spending. That's gonna wrap it up with Virginia's governor rough north of the day with us or we always appreciate you joining us here at WR VA and taking calls and we'll look forward to. Our September visit with you coming up next there's also gonna do it for us here on Richmond's morning news hope you'll be back with us bright and early tomorrow morning from 530 to ten. Hero news radio on WRV Yang.