Brat on Trump-Putin and Abolish ICE

John Reid
Wednesday, July 18th

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Okay. OK. Okay. Congressman Dave Bradley is the incumbent Republican in the seventh district tonight in the United States House of Representatives and he joins us now. I'll live to talk about a number of issues that face the congress. As they prepared to. Head towards their August recess and I'm assuming you guys in the house still do your August recesses the senate to staying. In session and August Brent. Yeah we'll plus 500 bills we pass that are waiting over there are sure they got a backlog of work to do. Mean. Let me ask you to begin this morning what did you think of president trumps performance on Monday and then they encore performance on Tuesday. It yeah well I think that's a I think the president is is frustrated with the intelligence community and make you know the crux that the top of the FBI right not now the FBI agents but the you know from. The independent director on down about eight of the top post of the FBI have been either fired or moved to replace whatever. And then the former head of CIA it's fair run and show what I think he did he you know. He he had a hard time in the press conference because of that frustration. It's what the contents right that the power pitcher Schumer at stake. The president has over four or five times says the Russians are engaged in our electoral process try to bat that's the give us. But every time because that. They had the FBI the intelligence agencies that are for example while he's over in Helsinki. But then not you know major press release. That's twelve Russians were involved in election act as though that makes it you know look like it has to do with trump and Russia. Hugely you have the technicality intelligence agencies do and that's. While our president is over beating what Russia until that time I don't think you have to be a professional pro to see what's going on. Did you know little or indict until. Of the indictments and the subsequent coverage of that certainly did make. For an awkward situation if the president dole and having that summit with Vladimir Putin was to turned. Turn the page and try to better relations and that's a tough spot to be and I think it was highly predictable. That gap was likely to happen. If he were like you know having a sit down with with yeah but that's what it is pretty clear enough don't you think he was pretty clear that he was. I'm mini me was kind of soft with the guy in Helsinki don't you think is that the is that they are to saying. I know ground would give it up fair army it did he see horror. That may have been moderated by these actions of the administration in contrast with the Obama administration couldn't be more stark. Right it was still all over the line they ran through. And then it was Obama like Ukraine and Obama. Crimea it's gotta love where we have the losses you. And even when you're talking about the politic writer verses twelve. In action what if they would like to Germany he just how can you know we can move NATO. But being utterly dependent on Russia for. Oil natural gas energy that are right into that back the actions are very strong coming alert registration. The rhetoric while you're whip Google. If he you know wasn't as strong as the actions so bad in the press you know have a steal they were banned Schumer still have a field day with that. But back to the beat you know beat twelfth Russian that there were part of why aren't held their global presence where. With gluten India and in Helsinki. That was all I democratic character group. And that's where all the evidence here so that's why it's so frustrating other Republicans are beat the packed game. And the B yeah. And and the evidence got a leg up over on the Hillary pretty trite what they Hillary foundation two billion dollar foundation. That just collapses after you looted. And we are still going back to that would air who we go back to that got the right beat. When the FBI creative intelligence agency caught up where these documents. It ends up the only going to just we really are between the Russians and the Democrat party's. Yeah in the dossier in Rosen is being kind or format. And in broad and being also signed golf client war despite US should occur. And that batted ball on the democratic ideal sold by there's no link. Republican collusion or trump white out collusion with the Russia. And so that's the frustrating part I'm RC. Artery that you listen I'm inclined to agree with everything you just said as an explanation. For the lead up to Monday and I was one of the few people actually defending the president on Monday. But you gotta admit that this was a 180 yesterday in appeared kind of week. To rely on woods vs wouldn't. I knew what what happened why did the president collapse like that we're talking to congressman Dave brat what would your reaction to yesterday. Yeah yeah I think he just wanted to clarify it paper I got back without Pompeo and and the spokesman Fred like you know. We know your pressure with that would you make yeah automatically clear demarcation. Between your frustration with some of the U intelligently Tibet the FBI they are caught struck. Just came up and testified this week in new it was just horrendous. The fight he showed the testimony so that. You have bat come and have the president so he doesn't want to get any credence to it and so he was he he was a little weak understatement there. And so he clarified yesterday I think for the sport of spit he's well aware that Russian troop pippin. Working in chipping away on our elections we have to stop that I've been clear on that umpteenth times. And it's and I got to move on just say what the action and and basically the bottom line that no break up like that mattered more than anything else. Here's why it is called open to a relationship with food at all right with the Russians who are not are. Terrible human rights abuses its jumper. So why in the world are we not because. The greater risk to the world right now is trying to record once you get that part in your head. The rest that it makes sense that right so it's China that got you know they beat twenty trillion dollar economy could we power our common error. Building islands in the dugout Vietnam Iraq. Hey real quick that out I'm water and lock. Congressman Gephardt and I appreciate that explanation but let me ask you real quick before we go tell me about a Democrat the bills that were in place to drive or there were union process to try to abolish ice. There was I have one point a Republican plan to coal. Democrats out and say he won a vote on this will have a vote on it and now my understanding is that vote has been canceled in the house why is that. I think which is the timing of the way we were going to do and I think that's its battle to show up again in the future and so who. I've beaten to just get they're review what you're just saying yeah right. Schaeuble the presidential candidate. And in many Democrat candidates are in favor of abolishing site which is internal enforce law enforcement. For illegal immigration right now I'd have to do with all the drugs coming through 100 million. All the people doses of not come across a border elastic much cover those kind of issues. And so from the Republican perspective we wanted to have their proposition are you really they are doing that's sort of put up for a vote. And then that net debt you have that we had a little meeting on that yesterday I think it's gonna or show up again. Parent who keep our eyes open for that. As the Tug of war goes back and forth so congressman Dave Brad Republican represented in the seventh district always appreciated when you can join us on the show thank you bet thanks John.