California Wildfire Update

John Reid
Thursday, August 9th

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Just been made in one of the fires out in California. I mean they are huge RW RBA reporter bills and for joins us now with an update on what's happening on the West Coast I have before we were in that commercial break it was -- going this story so I couldn't get the latest. This is now. Include the biggest fire in the history of California. Yeah I'll be weird you're talking about the ministerial complex fire. Which is up kind of northwest of Sacramento. Combination of two fires really there rancher and river fires as we were called but yeah its largest wildfire in California history covering 470. Square miles. And it has burned over 300000. Acres. Less than half but I contained right now at 47%. So this is just one of eighteen fires down it continues to burn in California. Earlier is the car fire was the one that was getting a lot of attention that is still only 47%. Contained as it burns near the city of Reading. California. And the guy in their 2000 structures have been god destroyed it's also the Ferguson fire which is it near Yosemite National Park and it's caused the closing. Of that park. Only 68%. Contained in over a 100000 acres burned bare. The fire that you mentioned as far as an arrest made is the holy fire which is down in Southern California near the Cleveland National Forest. That has burned 6200 acres but yeah an arrest has been made there in connection with that one but it continues to be. I just. A that's scenes in the upper gaps in California or let me correct that because firefighters now say. There is no fire season in California anymore. This is just a given something they're gonna have to deal with on a year round basis. Let me go back to the arrest in the holy fire who is this guy that they have. That they have charged. Well he he is a fifty year old man. That has been charged in connection where there's not a lot of details have come out about it he it is he is a resident now they do not have. Any specific information or witnesses who say they saw him starting this fire but apparently. I have some pretty good evidence because he has been trip been charged with arson in connection without. Well that's that's one of my questions here are right I used to hear that that the fires were natural and California when I lived out there. You know was kind of scary to me coming from the east goes wow they're fires burning ten miles away in people's today. It happens all the time the lightning strikes and there's they're fires it what caused these big fires at this point. It will amend the FR fire it had been determined it was struck it was actually caused by car interestingly enough it was a and a malfunction. Gearing up flat tire. All of that actually sparked that fire. And our research has shown now John that 84% to wildfires. Are started by humans step I you do think in the past there have been some big fires in California that have been started by lightning strikes. But for the most part now whether it is intentional or accidental. Most of these are human cost whether it is just done small fire getting out of control a campfire perhaps getting out of control. Or some other controlled burning that just goes wild. Because. He had a combination of drought that has left the area very dry and you have hillsides and in some cases entire. Our ridge areas just filled with dry brush. Waiting to go up like a tinderbox. And somebody smoking in the car throws their bonnet and Jim that affected do it too wow pretty pretty remarkable bills and for our WR VA report appreciate you bringing us up to date. On the Internet thanks.