The Case Against Plastic Straws

John Reid
Thursday, July 12th

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Plastic straws all over the news in the last. Well I guess this thing going on for about a year now. But a lot of luck companies. That serve the public in restaurants and resorts. Have decided that they're no longer going to use plastic straws some of them banning them completely and some companies. Not offering up the straws. Unless the customer specifically asked for it presumably. Too slow than the amount of plastic B goes into landfills and into our oceans. I think everybody's being manipulated here. With the guilt trip when this is irrelevant to the actual. Trash problem. But it's a real issue if you're running a restaurant because a lot of people very upset about it Jake Crocker is the owner of FW Sullivan's and lady not ones here in Richmond a Jake has been. Kind enough to join us on the program Jake. So wind did this issue hits you in the face as restaurant owner. And what motivated you to take steps to to deal with it. Good morning John good morning and thank you for having me on hold. Well you know destroy issue is it is because I've never had the what do you straw before our and the are politically as a restaurant owner is just it's always been a waste of it doesn't have an environmental impact rest assured that the thing here is. Where in Europe. Do we do a substantial. Amount of late night business loan whim when they're behind the bar they they get an error rhythm and am currently occupies in the cola drink commit to have a strong they go so happy straws. Just been deputy pulled out of the go home. Public cup anyway. Yeah ourselves yeah. The left on the ball are exactly and if you know I could say that Arabs are more climbing straw them every nook and cranny. On. They want to waste as far as very environmental. Impact real strong little they don't they're not biodegradable. And they paid a lot of break down. And the reason why I'm so that I'm playing my building under the fifteen years old and hit in the piracy gets everywhere it doesn't break down cost you significant amount of money because of the most. 100% well probably 90% of my plumbing issue there appears always been strong in the weight solution. Beat him up from where police. And that. That's the big part of my motivations so they're not breaking down a much certainly you know what. Good depth went out there and met these systems are at least slowing. Global water and an activity. All of us being left alone out in the environment where they plant they're producing superior. Horrible that makes sense is a restaurant owner hey you've got to calculate whether the thing is that you include in the products that your serving. Actually are being used by the customer and you know you're going through cannot save two pennies on every drink that I serve that starts to add up by I get it. But where you pressured it all did you have customers here in Richmond. And in Richmond is different then Seattle I'm in Seattle bill you know walk around and flip flops for ten years because they don't wanna buy a brand new pair of shoes it's just a different mindset if you lived on the West Coast. But had did you have people coming into your restaurants enrichment saying you know what I'm I just don't think that I cannot continue to patronize you because you have plastic straws. Well no we didn't have that we didn't have me pay back less what what prompted there is I was feeling works well in the for the Mallard she is. The every Health Department. I thought he would go on Richmond Hill district. Requires that all strong wrath. And this was a new premier weren't. 40. Tell me about that so in Richmond you can't just have a naked straw has to be in the little piece of paper. Yeah I can't because now also appear as they're pretty restaurant they even great we have they would be so we are there Americans in the little now they have straw when he side. So the struggle can't be sitting out which makes perfect sense because you know people could live long moment and people can try to make shouldn't be and and so it's great health code. The issue laughter now okay and so I was living abroad helped it would help inspector. Awhile ago and I can you know she's she's dead. That he can't straw that like that's less well you know I can unpack my idea my troops unwrapped. Because you have to doesn't think boo ya think about when you unwrapped strong when you go to McDonald's where. It takes a couple of seconds at least. They take a couple secs best that time and money at stake to waste from all my bartenders and servers win where women are pushing those outside that. Well. We're reactions and that's maybe editors straws because one thing I don't personally straws and are you getting into the spirit not only infrastructure in my building. What we view the World Series will hold infrastructure you know. I think three times we've got the streets dug up in the quite strange to them 200 year old pipes and they're doing that's in my building. I'm sure our impact your money. To continue to. Did you have big new your shoes are calling on the infrastructure at all how well thought our ball bat and and I said. You know one maybe I'm maybe just get rid of strong all together and I pulled out a actually it just supreme call informal poll Harry. All my personal personal FaceBook page hey you know I think about doing away at straws. Would anybody who has would anybody. Be offended if if we didn't have straws for an enormous as strong from the man. I think that up there cutting thinking about it on our FaceBook page and I got overwhelmed. Feedback most brought the struggle struggle struggle how one person responded saying please keep the straw. And I was blown away at the ballot well. People spoken murdered there weren't strong. Well let's get a minute you're making a decision that the deals directly with your customers. FW Sullivan's and lady no one's enrichment. Let me ask you one more question and then I got to go but. Have you considered using biodegradable. Straws I guess they cost a little bit more and some people say they. Don't work before you did your FaceBook poll and realize that nobody really kickers right. Well I think you know if I have considered that but when you're as we saw them on the map. You know I understand why the way the late like him because good so the third lipstick so they're loose your lipstick so where we were getting are we are getting are biodegradable straws so we will be. Arm more doing them are very very not much there hair. Obviously propelled by its nuclear fleet. Less amounts then there's an old Soviet cost production. Boy really isn't Tristan in this. I'd appreciate this conversation in the fact that you're willing to come on the air and talk but it does this is the kind of thing that a business owner has to deal with. It's the practicality. And the costs of dealing with sometimes these big issues that are very emotional for people and how do you we serve the customers of owner Beth W Sullivan's and leading columns and Richmond hey thanks for coming on. It.