Contentious Meeting with NATO

John Reid
Thursday, July 12th

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I'm watching the live video right now president trump getting ready to departure for London. In the last half Bowery had a big international press conference in Karen Travers. Our ABC news correspondents has been with the president in Brussels and she joins us now. On the telephone to give aside details Caron I could just see a little bit of the press conference and it looked like he got a little contentious with some of the international reporters. I mean I think the president's independence enjoyed a bouncing around a room and taking questions on a whole wide range of topics we definitely take questions from hailing it as contentious approach. News that a victory lap preference for the president to give full credit for getting NATO member countries to increase the defense spending. He said everyone has agreed to substantially upped their commitment but he couldn't say how exactly they're gonna do that what the figures would be what the time and it's going to be. He descended allies agreed to pay more into it more quickly or are disturbing to hear from unsung leader educated that's not what happened in the community right now at 50% of GDP the president said that's a commitment and that everybody has until 20/20 four to do it. But he does after that is reached we talked about going higher because 4% at the right number but that doesn't mean countries agreed to 4%. But certainly the president I think trying to put a different spin on that found that after what had been perceived as a pretty contentious day and a half. Yet did look like it did he got up in their faces yesterday and in the diplomatic world that's unknown and unheard of what is the fallout to that you're hearing from these. Contentious interaction. Yesterday. Well you know after he'd have a tough comments about Germany he met with a chance for on glamour girl in the focusing on their great relationship because they had had a great meeting a tremendous relationship. He later than that I can tweeting about Germany so he'll win even with the world leader it's all about the cordial meeting and working to move forward. But I can you with notable that stated despite the criticism the president and plunged north a couple of beats you in Brussels also in the lead up to this summit. He can do more I believe in NATO I think Gator very important. So that may have been in response to even Republican members of the US senate in the foreign relations. Committee. Pushing back against the rhetoric that the president had used in route to Brussels maybe. Yeah I am not complaining yup we know it's like he could pull the US out of NATO but he's not threatening to do that at this point. Karen Travers is our ABC news correspondent in Belgium and you've got limited amount of time tell me what happens next on the president's agenda. The president heading to the United Kingdom her beating Atlanta in 1990 can have dinner with Teresa make. And other business leaders and then tomorrow we'll have more meetings outside of London there are big protests that are expected today and tomorrow. President that other sit downs with the British prime minister. And later tomorrow and have tea with Queen Elizabeth. Well that will be an interesting experience here at a number of US presidents this one's probably about as polarizing as anybody's. That in a job has there been any indication about how the queen feels about this meeting at one point I thought I had heard. That they were trying to keep her away from Donald Trump what over the last year is any truth to that. Nash had extended the invitation last year and how about getting in on the books and talked about it before our thank you say it now this is mark the formal trips. He's gonna be in the First Lady is well unfortunately we were defeated he no cameras allowed him. And I know all right and then on Monday the meeting with President Putin of Russia. Yet the president and thirty downplaying its ten day he said you know it's going to be a previous meetings because I'm a big meeting was scheduled to could be just something productive. The White House has also been downplaying expectations for a major breakthrough for human looking for signing ceremony at the end of these meetings. I think they did having to progress and the president is focused on improving US Russia relations. Karen Travers are ABC news correspondent traveling with the president of the United States in Brussels Belgium right now thanks Karen. Oh yeah.