Corey Stewart on His Primary Victory


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You this time. 2000. First special interview this morning Corey Stewart to fresh off a vote victory yesterday he's the chairman of the Prince William county board of supervisors and now. He is the Republican candidate for the United States senate seat it's currently held. By the democratic incumbent Tim Kaine and Corey Stewart joins us now live good morning Corey how are you. Not how I'm doing pretty good actually say. I think it you'd be excited and happy this morning. So what Doug what do you oh your victory to what what happened yesterday. Well because south comes down to strong support for president from Virginians want. They know that the president has been successful. I didn't you know in North Korea he's he's been successful economy video more unemployment. Burgeoning into manufacturing. Sector that's coming back the United States. And they want the United States senator who's gonna support the president's policies including all those in the rebuilding of our military. I strongly supported the president all along I'm going to do that in the United States senate that's what that's why one last night. Let's let's go over the results for people who were just joining us this morning you won with 44 point 86%. Of the vote that's a 136463. Votes no trade this. Who was your closest opponent had 131122. Votes that's 43. Point 1% of the vote and then EW Jackson. Also running got 36000 what's he got 12%. Of the vote how do you get those folks who work for nick freed us. To join your campaign and to be actually motivated to show up to vote in November. Well Michael you know Gelman you call me last night you know we've been texting back and forth. I don't know what judge you know aren't there are differences are political differences were really not all that great you know unity I'm very much about liberty minded paying them. And I'm confident that certain niche. And they had big future and hand. I am also believe that he's going to be healthy over the campaign bringing all of his supporters over I think UW Jack will do that as well. So not really concerned about that I think this party. Served all the parties more unified today and will be a couple of days for certain covenant has been a long time. One of the ads that you ran. As somebody who is observe this for a long time. Kind of struck me beat you had the tagline you and I think it was Corey Stewart is the guy we should've run. Last year for governor I mean a real direct punch in the face to Ed Gillespie. Who did not succeed in his campaign for governor of Virginia and that would you know that raised a lot of eyebrows and it was pretty aggressive and you promise to run that. And aggressive campaign yeah and you made a name for yourself by being pretty aggressive in the state. What can voters expect from you over the course of the next few months is as we gonna get a milder Corey Stewart are you ramping up like you said. Lucky you know for me on the very aggressive campaigner I mean everybody knows we know that. In the case. And you don't get a very very aggressive and attack. On the campaign. I exposes the fact that this guy is just. He's politically vindictive he's trying to take down the president of the United States he opposed to everything that the president is doing. And I he's got to go and enthusiastic question. What has Kim can't accomplish over the past six years and answered absolutely nothing other than running for vice president. And that's sort of went you know we're going to be very very aggressive and it did there are some Republicans over who don't like that file is just too darn bad because of the way they've been doing yet back playing mr. nice guy. Doesn't work that's why we've lost the last eleven elections in Virginia. Did George Allen was pretty aggressive over his career to end Tim Kaine and beat him 52%. To 47%. And then you know Donald Trump only pulled out 44%. Of the vote to 49% to Hillary Clinton. What do you do to get to 50% plus one is it Eric do you think you're gonna pull people in with this aggressive style or is there some way to. Oh win over the moderate the so called moderate vote that might be on the fence. It's actually told style. The one thing I want you know we know here is that no president trumps. Performance to Virginia that was two years ago a lot has happened since then. He's got a lot of accomplishments. The economy's booming low unemployment rate since the early 1970s. Peace in the preemptive peninsula for the first time since 1950. And you know that I'm going to be tie myself to the president of the United States and his accomplishments in the rebuilding of the military and all that. And that's going to win this thing if it's really not as much more style that is about. There's been supporting the president and a president who's approval rating continues to soar. I don't know that happy he's going to bring you all want to support him and you will support his policies in congress in the United States senate. Do you get debris aside along with the new W Virginia. OK so you're talking real issues Corey Stewart is the chairman of the Prince William county board of supervisors and is now. As of this morning the Republican candidate for US senate listen I got to ask you. About all these national reporters in the publications that are. I mean let's be honest I think they're tried to paint she was a racist saying you're pro confederate. What would your answer be to that. Allegation and do you feel like you need to overcome some sort of perception problem there or is this spot part of you just shooting straight with people that your. Against staring down the monuments and things like that. Yeah I mean law of averages are very Smart they can make it seem to discourage. Virginians have always been very very politically astute. And they know that the only reason that Tim Kane and attacking me as a racist is because I'm so you know keeping our monuments. And it's time for cracking down on the illegal immigration are going to be supporting the president's so what popular does not they don't have any arguments left. Kim can the Democrats don't have any argument left so all they're doing. Follow those of us. Who support president trump the president trumps policy of bringing back manufacturing end of great economy. The only argument they have against this big college racist what people can see right. It's true that and that's why are they gonna come out they're gonna they're gonna vote. They're gonna vote for US senator who bogeyed what I'm. Jeanne wolf supported president and continuing the economic growth we've had under the present. I did not go from precinct to precinct yesterday as I have in previous years and I went and voted yesterday and hmmm I don't wanna catch off guard but Webb my precinct just as. An isolated situation perhaps I didn't see any signs. Viewers and I didn't see anybody working the polls for you and my producer said the same thing in chesterfield. And what did you all make a decision or is out and out liar or did you make a decision that she we're gonna focus on other areas and what Ken. Central Virginians expects. From your campaign going forward. Well this time it goes well. Know what what what works is you know reaching out to voters can you know what they will all work for me. You know I'm gonna be out there I'll be adjusted you know albeit duty when I'm going to be in public and I'll be all over and over his head right government owl and the entire state. And and we're going to be reaching out directly to people would be winning one board at a time. We're also going to be focusing our resources where they can almost not going to be you know on the radio and television. And also are reaching out directly to voters about the kind of campaign is gonna get committed not to be a bunch of flops. Wu who is going to be very very hard edged. Have you heard from other national. Republicans who are excited about your victory last night or they hang in some people said that they would hold you at arm's length what what's been the reaction from mock. The establishment if you will. Well I know the establishment kind of quiet this morning I did get a great tweets from president trump this morning. And and you know congratulating me you know booby you know. Also noting that this is going to be competitive racing here in Virginia. A lot of people that they got these he did the president mention there are a lot of people going to be surprising just how close. The election that the members going to be as we take on Tim Kaine and eliminating this guy and I'm not paying for Virginia for Virginians as six years in the United States senate. What is going to be one of the races that everyone will be watching cross that he United States Corey Stewart chairman of the Prince William county board of supervisors and now. The official Republican candidate for the US senate a seat here in Virginia. Corey Stewart thanks so much for joining us I'm sure we'll talk to you a number of times between. Now and November thanks a lot.