Dick Black Goes to Syria


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So the international all media has been focused on that gave Virginia State senator Dick black who was in Syria again in Norman Leahy. Is a reporter for real clear investigations you know he's the editor at ballot PDF and the Virginia blogger for the Washington Post and Norman I'm glad to have be here to try to put this. In perspective it I worked in the Middle East for awhile and there's a lot of disinformation that happens out there may be Arab Spring EZ go country by country. And try to decide whether it was a good saying. For. At concerted effort by him. Islamists who were trying to overthrow not very nice rulers but rulers that we're. Beneficial to the countryside can understand why Dick black might not take everybody's assessments. What's happening in Syria at face value of the why Izzy in Syria in the first place what what is the connection that would draw him there. Oh well it didn't senator black has been I have a relationship with president Assad of Syria for some time now. How you can work all it was a few years ago that he's spent on Virginia's senate letterhead. A letter to would not be thanking him and grazing outside the military. We're trying to maintain order and working for peace and particularly. For both sides events. Of Syria's Christian minority there you I think one of one of the driving. Things in black interest in Syria. And like any good any soldier who was seen combat and black it seemed quietly in his life talk. He wants peace. Unfortunately he decided that the best vehicle to achieve that is mr. Asad. Who has by all international aid organization and government. And recommend use chemical weapons on his own people. And one of the things that mr. black is saying now in the grass in the in the Arab media. On our Russia today. Is that the British intelligence service is planning to take. They chemical weapons attack it. And the blame if pot regime pork as a way to. I guess. To provide cover for greater intervention by western. Military service who. Now that's an extraordinary claim even if you even if your ultimate goal is to protect Christians. In the Middle East who have been slaughtered I mean systematically over the last decade I don't think anybody would argue. That that has indeed happened and I think it's noble to try to protect Christians and to align with people who might. Be willing to do that to accuse our closest ally of of falsifying something that significant. I knew was there any evidence offered. Behind. Lane better. Blacks say that in the past step. British intelligence MI six for those who view war bond fan. It has in the past. Either. Encouraged rebel forces within Syria to stage these attacks on their own people. Or. Brought in essentially crisis actors into what if they fake attack. The last one that was in southern Syria that was quite bad. No word international media was still with pictures of children. And you know comic at the mouth. Within spasms. Because that was that was fate there's evidence it was fate no Dick black. Mr. in government and the Russians are the only ones saying it expects. So he says that there is a pattern of this going on there it's all pattern I'll rebels. But add elements to people who were essentially anti Christian. You're doing that in order to destabilize its operation which is shinning up or. Allegedly the minority groups within the country. Really interest and now I mean there's a lot of fake stuff I sawed in Bahrain you know that the rebels there would take pictures that for twelve years old. And republished somewhere send them via text. To a certain neighborhoods to try to get them to riots. And and the pictures more contemporary seminary there's some truth to to the fact that that does happen in the Middle East and there's really nobody to verify the boy that's a that's a big claim I'm one that's worth the heels of investing is we're talking a Norman Leahy who's the Virginia blogger for the Washington Post. Let me ask you about Brian Moran. And his Nike capitalist what what is he what did what it does September and have to say. Brian Brian Moran. Food who's supporting who the secretary of public safety and good show comes on awesome. Yup when it was on FaceBook which is always a red flag for any body in elected office. Stay healthy social media and much to know exactly what you are doing and what he did was he shared a post from a group called. The Virginia state police association a trade professional organization it's got. You know flew over 2000 members. And it reprinted a letter. Now from the you have from the from the national troopers coalition calling for a Nike boycott because you'll be calling cap for next campaign. Staying that this is basically a slap in the face of law enforcement Nike should not so law enforcement and its supporters. Should boycott Nike Brian Moran shared that. That of course sent democratic activists into orbit. And Brian Moran was very quickly forced to climb down. Apologized to delete the post and in the governor's office that was asked for comment as well as saying. Basically yeah he's screwed up so it's a black eye for him. And it's another cautionary tale unless you mr. public official know exactly what you're doing. And have as good firm handle on how events will play in the political base actually out social media pleased well leaderboard. Is there an argument to be made that he's backing up the people that he has to work with on a daily basis and he's. It just in one of their bosses if not their big boss one of their bosses of the folks who are on the front line I mean could he make that claim. But it sets Democrat activists. Yeah yet. And you're actually right he probably yeah his first thought was well if law enforcement groups behind has been Irish export them because that's part of my portfolio. But also remember that he serves of the pleasure of the governor and governor's agenda if they're caught. Well now I got a new question asked the governor when he joins us on Wednesday as something other than they learn Lawrence that's that's that's a Dicey situation politically it's seems pretty clear cut. Outside of politics what to do but but we'll ask him that. Pay close there was a news pain in the leadership of the of Virginia GOP don't want to have you touch on what happened this weekend. Yes Virginia Republicans. Gathered together this weekend and they chose a new party chairman Jack welcome. Food from chesterfield long time party activists. For an interest repeal the unit or for many years was very successful whether. He knew what it is the new choice to be the chairman of the Republican party of Virginia he he he won election basically 21. I kind of feel sorry for the guy because he's taking the reins right before what could be a real ugly election season. Now well this is this is going to be a challenge these next. But Tony for months and no question regardless of what happens in November. Normally I'm an order for real clear investigations and the Virginia blogger for the Washington Post always enjoy talking until you appreciate it Eric I.