Did Kennedy Negotiate for Kavanaugh?

John Reid
Wednesday, July 11th

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So oh hey what's the story here. A lot of liberal groups suggesting that Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy was actually negotiating. His retirement. With the White House in summit in an NBC reporter actually staking his reputation on the claimed. That this was going on for months. In advance and then he is the one who floated to Brent Cavanaugh is named as his potential replacement and only when that was. Kind of tentatively agreed to did he agree to stepped down Matt Ford as a writer for the new Republican joins us. This morning madam little skeptical of this tell me what you know. Well there's conflicting accounts. One here given BC's suggestion that there are sort of and exchange negotiation going on this and the B. Signed off from the court but moldaschi other counts don't shoot from Politico. That it might have just been sort of recommendation made by Kennedy. As a former. Mentor in and working partner with capital. Right. Jeff Bennett is the NBC news correspondent too I guess. Broke this story or asserted. That this negotiation had been taking place I think the thing that got a lot of people talking was the phrase for months the negotiations have been going on for months. That seems weird to me. That. That there would actually be conversations. That would mean of amid the that a Supreme Court justice would tip his hand that far in advance you think that. Is true. It's certain salient uphill and slightly out of character for Anthony Kennedy he's not really somebody known for sort of marked Hugo in baltics. He would be a usual purple retired Supreme Court justice chino makes objections. About who they would like to see filling them on the the same time it would be quite unusual for them to. Makes her departure contingent on the White House naming its civic nominee that would be really extraordinary. That would be weird armed I'm sure that in the past to these private conversations. It would be normal and if I were that somebody came to me and said they were leaving for just a basic job. I would say what do you know anybody you could do this should come out and that that's a simplistic. Analogy of course but. I think I think that's a normal question to ask one thing that I. But I have been tried to track down and win this announcement was originally made did. Did Jack Kennedy was leaving I read someplace that he had already hired as clerks. For the next term was it was that true or not. That is true and it's not an unusual first crew aborted launches higher quirks. Eight years in advance he's. Very typically recruit from. Lower court judges whom they know well. And and typically look for people who have. You know deep experience in the sort of thing. That's that it also run a new tool for those quirks have been staying on and work for whichever justice. So that's spot or. Didn't go on to work for other justices when we just to school we had died. But his quirks word divvied up among the other justices so they could keep working for the court. Now that centrist thing I had not heard that OK and Matt Ford as a writer for the new republic let me ask you about Brett Cavanaugh as first day on Capitol Hill. He had a few meetings with senators and to some of the senators did not want to sit down with him if the reports are to be believed. Well I mean Democrats are still very upset about what happened with the tremendous merit Garland for a President Obama nominee to shoulder vacancies left by Antonin Scalia. That's still very sore subject verb don't have to believe you mistreat mom by the hour refusal Republican Steve many in case to even meet with. It's a sign of how bitter and partisan views these little confirmation battle took coming. And what happens next day one on Capitol Hill is he going through a checklist of everybody on the Judiciary Committee first and then he'll meet with other senators is that the plan. Yet the most important senders who neither the Judiciary Committee wants because they're the ones will be creates an offer constraints actual here it's. But he's also going to make the rounds among every shot and her EG EG two Dell what. Of most important ones are going to be Alaska's Lisa Murkowski and the main chews call outs. And there are be pro choice Republicans who could be crucial votes. In getting into the senate and their copper with Campbell depend. On what answers he of them private. Really interest and so we'll have both a few more weeks here tonight. See who lines up in the yay or nay column Matt Ford writer for the new republic appreciate you joining us this morning thanks. Thank Kermit.