Emergency Declared to Prep for Rally Anniversary

John Reid
Thursday, August 9th

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Word is doing in his challenge of incumbent senator Tim Kaine and some thing is that Corey Stewart said yesterday that got everybody all riled up. That's coming up at 815 and an 835 California police had made an arrest in at least one of their. Record setting fires out there will fill you in on the details in the next half hour but first. It. Safe to say that anxiety is bill laying in a number of quarters about what might happen this weekend in Charlottesville maybe. And in Washington DC out for the White House where. White nationalist white supremacists have indicated that they might be holding another rally a year after the one that killed the on. I counter protestor Heather higher in Charlottesville last year and really gave a black guy to the entire commonwealth. Brian Moran is Virginia's secretary of public safety and Homeland Security. And I appreciate you joining us this morning secretary Miranda because yesterday Mormon heavy governor Ronnie said. Watch this space will have a press conference in the afternoon in Charlottesville. And then the news came out did. You'll have declared a state of emergency ahead of the potential Charlottesville rally what prop did that that action. Rod I enjoyed the conversational the governor yesterday a gash. We were significantly we announced the declaration along with this city of Charlottesville and spiritual last year the governor governor McAuliffe such. Overwhelming city or state resources chief Charlottesville over 500 state police a 120 top military. Palatial the National Guard hundreds of others in emerging managers been at this obviously they were not. Properly integrated in chew their response efforts and now let's say. Tremendous frustration. In this year I would certainly do. The meeting and the coordination and collaboration. With city show also has been. The short merry. Yesterday I was in charge folks sort tabletop exercise. It was a wonderful thank chew up Serbs. If you idiot one room of emerging management are forced approach nationals. Walking situation area you know the Redskins practice try to me yet or scrimmage games we'll go real real can't returned exactly what we. These two do it and we are doing so. There are profitable have taken the necessary preparations. Are planning has gone and chew. The one year anniversary. At Dell and others on there are no arms but. I think with the declaration that creep planning that has. Been conducted. We have done everything we Sheen and in terms it's ensuring the safety of our citizens shoot this we get. Secretary Brian Moran had a public safety and Homeland Security here in Virginia are you really expecting something in Charlottesville didn't the group that originally indicated they were gonna have the rally. Pull back from seeking permits. Well well leave it situation commercial request for comment that the city that adopt today. Permitting process that rejected its request due to the court then you go through so. There cannot know what. But based on the intelligence we've been gathering we do expect. Some groups Chu wa. To come to Charlottesville we're going to be ready older daughter beyond no who what when where are. It would knock out Kelly child adult there last last year I was there Friday night for the torch rally a picture obviously it's Saturday. And then in this Sunday it would actually tried to have this press conference and I looked at other cars memorial service so what it's true. State police funerals being hand I'm not getting out of a profile. Of shock to me it had a profound effect that a couple of policy that we shut out. You. To make sure that we take the necessary steps at what point that this would happen again and bleak. We created a job force we worked with professional. We looked at what other states and should at least do respect the permanent solution Croat charged. And in one of the big takeaways. While it's true about the integration it drops. The national interest management system. Develop a unified commands to and that's what we shut out to do that's what we've been able to achieve. Heading up to this we get there they're really it was a wonderful thing to see a unified compared with state police chief of police Charlottesville. We even had. Folks from the city of Richmond there yesterday you know like go take a look real professionals there come together. To ensure that we admiration age. That shape we get it again we there had a profound effect I don't would have thought Erica that a lot of thought but I do what. It's sour on everybody is coordinating to keep the public safe but let me ask you with out the permits what is acceptable. And what is unacceptable. In all due to weekend. Sure well people can exercise the first two mineral rights. Without a permit us spontaneous demonstration. That's what we would expect now that there are built perverts out what they're gonna have to do it in a peaceful manner. They're long laundry list still weapons that will be prohibited. We're. Shouldn't establishing a perimeter around the down Trout. If it people have to come out and urged them not to come and enjoy the city are shot so are probably get by. If they have become the show also this week in. And to those who are ready and Charles still. Out she'd be shop where the where your surround which the court. Suspicious activity. We were going to have resource is on the ground. To make sure people who are brigade and you have peace shall responsible manner it was just not going to tolerate. If you buy. Well that seems like a good line to draw their let me ask you real quick about the rally in DC are you. Thinking their could be the spillover. Into Virginia given the metro situation. Assuming that that one takes place in Lafayette park across from the White House. Yet the the declaration that governor declared we actually is a statewide declaration we. Our critic mark training activities in Northern Virginia it DC very closely brought calls them as well BC. You know that the protest may well very well be permitted it in the District of Columbia and you know they they have experience with these picture are Wallach small. She's like Charles Owens with 50000 people you experience large pets we're concerned with. To transportation to DC it's. You know they've made there will be using our natural system. Area that may develop you know protesters can't protesters situation. It's so low we are supporting true effect county police department the state who shall be supporting him. It and there are urged to ensure that sixtieth. You are metro travel and it's got all those who would look croak just both sides so it just. That we tomorrow trying to very closely at such harsh or as well. Those sounds like everybody is at attention as we head into this weekend and we'll just hope that. Did nothing bad happens and we appreciate you coming on duke where the natives are. Oh where we're we're we're done more than whole jobs most UER that's when we're done well and hope but I just want to thank all those blocks force first responder racial city. The coordination has spanned shop new spirit. Yeah it would de Monaco while we're prepared but you know there's there's always the young daughter which ask the church and to be shot for where this Robert we ordered extra show circuit. And simple primer ran Virginia secretary of public safety and Homeland Security really do always appreciated when you can join us on the show thank you. Thank you chuck. 814 on this Thursday time for traffic and weather together here on news radio WR VA let's go to the Richmond raceway traffic center.