Fighting Against 3D Printed Guns


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Mark Reich is professor of politics and law at Washington & Lee University. And I'm really glad to have you here this morning we tried to discern what took place. With this judge late yesterday halting the posting. Of plans for 3-D printed up firearms. How did this come about and what does it mean a practical sense forum. For anyone who's looking for those design plans I guess it's going to be pretty hard to print these things right now not everybody has a plastic printer and their house the way they do and probably a regular. Paper printer but what does it mean in practical sets. Quarter practical so it means it's just a few more minutes metaphorically speaking until. These gunplay and car downloadable you know not not everybody the fall from talking to warm for the computer that you truly made huge Barack. And not everybody has a treaty printer right now which earlier than Mary becomes. The technology gets cheaper and cheaper and so the judge less cynical they're able. Washington there's just held up for no distribution of these players over the Internet little that's what he claimed legitimate public show it to concern but I think it is probably at its. Tundra detectable sort and so forth the problem has. An excerpt from the beginning scare that a lot of drink unless crunch that they think can be circulated that some little public policy and safety matter brought. Just for kicks before we talked this morning it was online and you can download everything else like him and talks fracture Obama here in my little. To Chad and I can manufacture Sarin gas itself that would from the Tokyo subway attack yeah. You go to any university and I tell you to be careful because date rape drug screen manufactured sort party you have to be really careful solo show for you so. Honestly the real issue here is not a gun person. It's the technology. And look there won't be attorney general attorneys general trying to uphold the distribution of this particular information. I think they gonna lose on the court amendment grounds unfortunately and so. This this could actually that the NRA doesn't come around and try to do something about this with an actual clinical and you can actually create legislation costly foreign. The definition. Of the firearm perhaps the does your do in the states or the difference. There are pieces of legislation that are of the decades old right did did make it. Illegal to. Created gun that doesn't have metal for the very concerned that your expressing that view wanna be able to tell you wanna have someone go through metal detector and set it off. So that we don't have. Plastic guns that are 100% plastic and you can somehow separate thing of the bullet out. In the wind up being in a dining room with you know your ex wife for the president of the United States in wind up shooting inside. Exactly in the undetectable firearms act truly on but there's a question of what's on paper. The order are clear forcible com. Again there every year the whole bunch of stuff that's illegal but that doesn't mean its mission as you go out there are but the manufacturer created as well. And so you do but the practical. Lose the practical issue I do you view and I could figure out ourselves how to manufacturers. Are are held. Without the information crossing through me commercially once for all else and so. And visually I think it's a Tony for current crew challenge to our notions of course it's our notions of credit goes on Google for government and shall want half as well. General it forces us to reconsider the notion that we all hear a couple of hundred years ago you know the British Roland you know basically disarm the population can't help disarm recommend it to begin with. So while this is scary and so many many reasons as public policy and constitutional true. This is gonna let up the court costs I can tell most folks don't really fear. People trying to manufacture they're wrong you know. Nuclear arms or or you know. Very simple hungry. Virus cervical about a population as a controlled golf when Crocker can I do worry about god. But because manufacturing government. Could you not about to kill yourself immediately in the process of trying to good command structure. No this really is as you can imagine just tremendous public safety issue and it's going to be tied up in the courts are merely here and you know all we know there's some clips from Russian hacker out there are already distributing these things coaches Leo well to begin with. You got to believe that's true you have Fred we're talking to mark Russian professor of politics and law Washington at least who talked about the law element of at a news. You've already touched a little bit on the NRA and where they're coming in on this but politics wise if you're. Being a prognosticator what what do you think is the next move here. Well probably because you're gonna be appealed and will be appealed principle on first memory crops which honestly. They've got a couple Cody Wilson and his supporters some pretty strong case. About you can distribute anything else on the Internet or contribute to us this we have nuclear the rescue for nuclear bomb sharing gas is much more dangerous on the treadmill. I enjoyed it may be holding there her nose. But what I have to agree with that right now. And so the question of what will be the public policy response would say try to learn their constitutions. And again that's arduous. The silicon dust and you're going to see this this could actually precipitate the sort of constitutional crisis. But even runaway American pressure prepared because we potential impact of this is so so tremendous and you'll see unfortunately. Until cooler heads prevail opponents here tremendously. I touched and hyperbolic discussion about this which won't be helpful to be very frightening but maybe we need to bring Nick Price and people want to understanding. What to technologically and motivated stretched far probable couldn't hear that are there as well as the technological advance is how to balance. We screen the bill that the former incurred little Irish recruits speech to. Kris streets as important as educational and allows us to challenge government allows us to converse middle school. Enables people collide or another shot people insult or striking a balance between those two committed political. Well this is some one of those challenges for a free society enough. And we're right on the millennium mark Russian professor of law you have Washington & Lee University always appreciate when you come on thanks Mark Parker thank you.