Foreign Policy of the Singapore Summit


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Badgers danced he is a senior fellow with the foreign policy research institute of former intelligence officer and Bush Administration advisor with the specialist stationed in none North Korea and the Korean Peninsula and he joins us now. And I guess you were up late and probably up early this morning watching. The events as they unfolded on the other side of the planet is this summit appears to be a success for what it was set up to be. But would you agree with that and if so what what do you think made it a success. Yes John you put it well for a wide he had had intended to achieve. And that is to assess the ground work for the next step. Where he won't be Donald Trump leading that discussion it'll be Mike Pompeo. John Bolton whatever team they pulled together. To get into the difficult deet tails. Well what actually happens so. Lucky yesterday it was extraordinary beat we have never seen anything that light to hit it. And I mean if I had all of the trappings. All these most unconventional approach to foreign policy. This country has seen in the post war Iraq. I was watching pat I'm Dennis Rodman. Dissolving into tears smooth com owns CNN. And then if I'm Jim clapper of the former. Director of National Intelligence in effect saying yes well Dennis Rodman has more experience. In dealing with the north Koreans than anyone has had an American government. I never thought I would pure. A statement made like that body of former government official but there we work this is groundbreaking. All all the old rules were out in terms of this page use. The pro and the president really did light but it is his strength. He beat you talked about vision he pointed. All the trappings of stable democratic self governance. And how they produce tremendous economic wealth pointed out they've inserted through Kim Jung on. Listen do you live a pretty miserable existence. Even though you're at the top dog look at everything you could have. Now the next step is going to be a lot harder. And the one thing I think is really important for all parties involved. Trumpet administration in. Our country as a whole. Our allies in the region and the north Koreans the fan it. Won't have to ratify. A treaty this can't be done through executive order. Like the joint comprehensive plan of action free Ron was that was sold through deception. Turns out to have been terrible deal so it at all rotting corpse of a deal in fact. That's because it didn't have to pass through the senate verification. For this to be effective and to achieve what we want. At some point the senate will have to be part of the deal. And you would think cam would want to have this thing locked in so for whatever reason if Donald Trump is no longer in the White House that. The deal he agreed to doesn't go away and let me let me get cynical for a moment there and I do think this is remarkable. But there are some who you know whether they it's because they hate Donald Trump or whether they just dumped. Wanna play devil's advocate they're saying that trump. Gave him everything he wanted now legitimacy on the world stage this fantastic photo op that shows. I am with the president of the United States do you think there's any truth to that. No because what he gave he can take away. And his mercurial nature is such. That in the past anybody who is state solution comes. To the pat on the back and the over the top. Warm words. Has found out that the minute they push trade out of their way in. Trump has a way it's smacking down that wind up be extremely painful and remember John. Trump administration holds the high cards here. The president says no Morse military exercises with South Korea. In a black guy we can have military exercise with them and with the truth that the Japanese. Obviously he's he controls what we do by way. A sanctions slim these crippling sanctions that are brought the north Koreans to their knees. And quite frankly. China has gotten tired of carrying. But wait. Of North Korea's bad behavior. And I think bay. Will squeezed hard by the trump administration. They told Kim Jong-Il and we're not covering your not anymore. You're I have to Smart not up. You did write these guys so well and if again when trial points that it may be pulled out an iPad showing Kim Jong wounds. The vast swatches of speech and his own country and so did you have any idea. The wealth we can create here. That's going on there to disguise your hand yeah this is a little bit enticing if not intoxicating. But again now that that Pompeo and the restaurant are going to be involved. With the real hardy tells going to be work that to make sure. We felt we accomplish. What Pompeo should we would prominent verifiable. The nuclear disarmament that the north Koreans will not be able to him to go back on. Here's the next challenge ahead enters and ski with the foreign policy research institute really appreciate your insight as always this morning thank you John.