Former ICE Director Thomas Homan

Jeff Katz
Sunday, September 9th

Jeff Katz is joined by the former Director of ICE, Thomas Homan, as he broadcasts from D.C. for the FAIR Conference!


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RV. Eight. I am I thrilled to say that Tom Coleman is joining us Tom was the at. Acting director of ice US immigration and customs enforcement he came to that job with the up. Distinguished career as a law enforcement professional. And that Tom first of all thank you for being here thanks forever appreciate it. Let itself. Let's talk a little bit about the the journey you first your journey right from from west Carthage to the west wing music artists that are as a local police officer and and wind up by in charge of vice. There are my off course purchase a small companies are flushed in New York. Can tell my father was police officer in my grandfather's police are here. My dorm courtroom in 1984 and I'm enforcing immigration law ever sense so for our search for years and of course personal. I 34 years in your. You're on the Frontline you understand exactly what's it what's at risk here did you ever envision a day where you would be viewed as. The enemy by people inside arrow country. Well I'm gonna affect coastal mother earlier. On the very different light to restore and went to high school but his mind reading type thing. A very blunt. It was going on right now is not the America I grew up in our I don't understand what's going on. I mean I understand it's tough lie yeah I mean America I grew up on people that people respectable portion. The America I grew up in people respected the office of president. America I grew up in people into Tunisian National Anthem so this country use. In the wrong direction I think we are president. That takes border security law enforcement. And all seems very seriously and I'm Griff was our president I mean I've worked for six presence in respect to march through Ron Reagan. I heard Ronald Reagan's administration Alitalia mean our respect to all six presence. But no one has done more for more security public safety and law enforcement doubtful that historical fact. And I think the president trumpeted new tele president trump seems to have a real affinity for. Those men and women who are cops on the beat right there. Mean aggression and present through the prism many occasion and meet with for my functional within when he met more towards. I've been with him when he met with prices have been within when he meant was stay -- force officers. He wants to get to the ground he wants to talk to lieutenants and problem with a typical to saw him help them you he Ahmed and many times some of the Angel moms into its. His first president give them a voice recruited we can and we created the voice on some ice on my leadership. Mean is present gets me hey it's a lot presence community. I've seen them in and dancer on the issue of immigration and he's supposed he has taken time to study that we sit and meeting with him at all or immigration he or she if she gets it. Let her give a speech in Arizona immigration enforcement. To us on our Milosevic wants to my wife Susan is that right is that right is that right everything that was right. So he certainly has some good counsel he certainly does take time to try to learn this issue. And he certainly February 3 summer country protect our borders says that's exactly what he promised American people he's trying to follow my. Let's talk about that very basic premise Tom Tom Holman has joined this former director vice. The very basic premise we don't have a country we don't have course records that are sort. And you don't have more secure on terror in terms for stress and hours preached. I love the board trust our darkroom work or there's not a relational and uniform. And I love everyone and you can put as many workplace and more content with people who are. And sure reported renters to claim asylum mixed frivolous turned it really since a society they'll from the overstayed visa. Unless you take with a Magnus in this country is that such as employment. Such as you know. You know not be your priority or get into what they called Sanctuary Cities like this enticements. Alicia interior are true and pure Porsche program beaver inmate regulatory ties your motherboard Torres and three. But it won't keep trying to come that's why under this president when he met face to their jobs. In nature United States and and told us to enforce laws as written. You saw 45 year old drop 45 your low dropping to immigration thoughts went through its courses present laboratories to their terms. Talk about that for a second because you're you're talking about the laws as they are written right there's nothing new about president trump saying. These are the laws that are to be portrait and hours hitting change immigration law when he came into office he said to you go to the job. I've said many times actually told him on air force warrants is no sir and almost exactly where she could destroy a one sentence you know enforce laws enacted by congress. Or do now enforce law decision taken or to enforce these laws on the books just say we want multiple foursome. And this president came out like conundrum is part of a tire failure here is senator Gillibrand or if you wanna abolish or they'd much rather abolishing federal all force agencies. Because the only totally doing and the fact is we're duly posted. Where we're and we're enforce laws that congress and active we're spending the money the way congress appropriate suspended and an end. And of course now. So rather than her grossly people who are doing their job is easier than the point the fingers of the men and women strapping going to have every game but like I like this country's at this. This appalling and it's insulting. It is insulting I think anybody who's ever awarded badges insulted by this because it's it's an attack certainly today on ice but it's an attack on any law enforcement officer who has that we it was necessary to go out there and do the job. I've sort of I mean it was major chiefs all year long are you just gave us pieces. New York State. Chiefs chiefs of police association an all star is back with a Ferguson affect your tires that they got name for first in effect. And this president stand up even when you have people like that the governor of New York on ice agents thought agencies won't prosecute assume. That's just that's just further vilified as the men and women all portion to the public and and there's this is this not a surprise at the threats against all forced auctions of the assault on all portion options. The ferry to comply which means someone would not apply to all for reservoir prior to our way. This because they see. You know governors a major states they see you know mayors of major cities they see it senators and congressman doing this is social care for them to. And it do one wondered edges and that's a far stretch of dollars and mean. DVR and she doesn't it feel it mean now. Police officers are vilified every day but the most you're doing their jobs it won't be believers to shame people like Governor Cuomo. Says what he says because you know about aspirin regularly so he'll break a recession to give the world recognition for the extremely dangerous. The code jobless. I stick or 5000 from morning until mr. Kinnear. Place I spent millions of dollars in Austin director in northern border with we're state local shares and the chiefs for ignored or crisis in child predator crimes. I mean I've got priced unlocked protected here so you think that Roman governor call them thugs and turn to restaurants and thank you letter. This injection protective New Yorkers to memorize. I'm a native new Yorker I'm a new York and around and this government is wrong and you there's another example someone put their political futures. They're politically ambitious and that public safety options and international security. It Tom home and is joining us former director vice. You know for a seemed like month two months. The focus was on the so called separation of families right that president trump was ripping children away from their parents you that you had a few comments that referred. Well Governor Cuomo also said the same thing about prices of I stricken children on the arms of their mothers I want one example just swarms of an RA's agent recruits on I was. One because again as we discussed the board took the separation but I think can work to do with a should write. But bottom line is is that the US finished his separate every day when some are violent criminals police officer you go to home for two mr. Brown's going to throw father or mother on the home. And those children cry and you have to restaurants in this. But you guys do you Diop and in the separation of cameras on horses couple preview one point somebody buying the parachute choose a country the country illegally. With a child now. We hit basically ice is inhumane torture as any man I was thinking inhumane is. This is smarter child cross river a truck or car about a tractor trailer. They chose center country we get there where we want to port director of the same protection with a separated by former Israeli oppression and bring them more first. Because they're restore other predictors giving pure persecution wrong. Immigration Corus pharma 80% these cases are not they're not when he tees and not risky there is more about common to American escaping if you're persecution if they weren't skating game glass and sell order. They guess what are Mexico. Or else I would doses of escaped with your glasses of Arjuna and American let me be clear do I think some of these there was ever a solid claim refugee years so I'm quite actually. But many and do not many many do not most of but. It's blowing the parish making these decisions in them and blame the judge in California says we can't detain fame reason being sent more twenty days. Locating the child. Because FY fourteen when the search first that we kept everything potentially first book and retention. In about forty days or in my view hearings. Most who lost her hand we've go public info can use them send on solving this right after the numbers on board dropped. We've shown we'll take a series as a consequence to deterrent to illegal activity. They're in the last person black people are buying would be congress because vice chair and have me in the head of CBP and as you guys want to know until we need to closing loopholes such as a force some agreement there's. Recourse through these cameras twenty days. I should you want to have the due process as you say they ever write to see a judge we agree. Boat rescued in the Stanley setting a jail fairly detention centers of fairness and fair residential center. Until this year judge you must abide by the judge's decision but the problem reason they don't wanna do because they know morsel of fraudulent claims it will be removed be removed. It's almost a sure bet if if if things get released before this is judge either don't show from pork or think usual important your plan or they don't read. So I'm all for give them force the right and give them due process. But just occasional rectifier incision doesn't mean you throw all the window as if it goes final orders don't mean anything there's no integrity to our system. Tom Baldwin is joining us Tom was the the director of ice for a period of time you've you've retired you've moved on to the dreaded private sector now. We Tomas. Almost eight weeks ago. Yeah I'm out there and I'm I'm. Still working. If I told me when I saw last message that. I may be even after 34. Threw for almost 35 years. I wasn't even funny so I won't play confidently. Explain to American people back which is fictionalized isn't much difference in place. Interestingly hospital this year is to present voting church are established and school breeder that we did. Some other educated people fact vs fiction and trying to shut down this narrative that. And women men and women artists are racists Nazis we actually your arrests remove Nazis in just published. We rest hundreds of people that bill can always wanted to move this country. And in being a racist issue we removed people 240 different countries last year people in Europe people to have people in America. So. Oh it is our gracious thing it in anti immigrant thing. And also testified for a retired and current California congressman version the entire group and this administration used trees that now there. That you get those feet are literally to our women are who we use it they're pointed at us crude oil for social thing there anything immigrant or anti illegal. Wish things were enforce laws that you and acted so if it was for anti in order for for enforcing laws what's that make you for now I think he's lost. So I'm not a sit there and you Masha Nolan chart you shouldn't. I'm just going to want to I want say the same events now separate fact from fiction hopefully educate some people. And I'm certainly won't work within going into congress and some pharmacists and it's good physically bill. If it was a lot of issues are eager five cents or citizen and asylum and are things in partnership hoping to some traction. He's a good man that's got to build its common sense right right there's not a giveaway for so let's rethink your seriously good. I'm not even frightening flight you know platinum and. Let me ask you one final question to I sit here. And and I sit here and all of what you've done a tremendous admirer of what you had been able to do. I remember you addressing congress and making very clear what the facts were also seen here as an ex cop just talking copped cop what's the morale. For the men and women who were still out there whether it's customs and Border Patrol whether it's ice are the thoroughly demoralized by this or an. Actually the morale is high. Because they're getting to uphold the oath of time and you know when you join as you know. Normal force you accurate. It is appalling. It is you put your health and safety on the line for others. To serve others. To serve rather you're probably never made it. But tomorrow also gets to do the job in there and their poor girl however the counts attacks. Look at every morning Els I strike first I do is read guys that can get through it period truthful there has an interest to other. But if people think that ice ages ago did not do jobs that. I've I've I've worked with 40000 of the best people. Best Americans are working on my just fumble it was emotional until the clerk and his attorneys in the the management assistance that thinks that it's the big machine and the previous three years he has to take their way. In addition to work and they will not be so. Just like me and I protesters from house to reassure retired about it from come again really in it have fun out there industry couldn't say what you gotta say it. I'm just talking on the ball won't fall on the sword and kestre forgiveness I did nothing to ask for forgiveness for much. Now off course or through first I've enforced the law I haven't made anything. I simply enforce laws are on the books that might not be ashamed to do their job and I think it's a shame for America. That very important mission as we discuss is just immigration enforcement and drug drug trafficking child predators. Human trafficking in new technology being installed around this country to other countries have harm or fighters just. They're presented this informer and 8000 people get the visa through their visas security program could go sabres derogatory plays and they become just introduced her. These are pictures. We're protecting this country and the government. It's unfortunate that it's hate again. If it way things are going win over I played OK we just won't do our job anymore I don't think there. IOC is ever been abolished I think the American people on this I think that person pulled back. Apologized equals borders I think the American people are Smart forgiveness or you'll hear so much that you heard you must think. I think it's very simple back and I'm glad that pullback people you just you who unfortunately. Absolutely Tom home thank you so much were for making time for us and god bless you whatever. Whatever the future as we love to get you back some time as well I appreciate what you're doing so please give myself there and justice educate the American people that exploration and we're gonna do that install Holman has the former director vice Jeff Katz news radio WR PA.