Former Intel Officer on the Helsinki Meeting

John Reid
Tuesday, July 17th

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Let's talk politics. Oh internationally. With the my old friend Don Bremer who was an appointee in Adam. Under. The secretary of the Department of Commerce George H. W. Bush a former intelligence officer. Combat veteran and the founder of the Raymer grew up in Washington and Don I'm glad to finally have you come on the program really appreciate you. Joining us I figured this would be a good topic. To bring you in on. Has since you've done both communications work and the practical intelligence work out there around the world. Listen MIA MIA way off base for saying that I agree with Donald Trump I think he does need to reset. That the relationship with Russia I just wouldn't have done it. With the summit the didn't. Bring you any tangible benefit no wing that the press was going to ask you these loaded questions that you probably couldn't answer. In a way that would shut things down they would just inflame things in my off base by saying that. You know no one knows don't trust tactics better than Donald Trump. Sure as. The shut up but I'm sure his tactics worked great in the courtroom but probably work amazing when your trying to buy accretion property. But as a lifelong internal controls certain. There's certain practices and approaches this as who we call them. That you do in the intelligence still not knowing the pastoral letter of Britain I'm sure he's had the exact same school of thought. And everything that he didn't and does continue as you watched the videos is extremely calculated. And maybe is. Transcribed as we come across all the cup constantly. But I don't think this was the right setting to do so and and you're right. He should've walked away or something bar to to walk away in the first thing you do. It is bash and undermine our toes for me I just don't agree to a. Yet there I mean there are a lot of folks in the intelligence community do you not mean one album that I would be very critical of these days and I think that's legitimate criticism. It's just odd to do it on this stage knowing that your give being. You're political opponents minimally and maybe your international foes a lot of ammo to beat you up with. One Olympic heats your business but I hope the Donald knows this is the first thing you do even the officer it is. You make criticism of them private land and you who come forward and you can place people in public. So I agree maybe you didn't wanna come right out of the summit and embarrassed. By her prudent and and discredit when you're trying to reach certain stage. Thankfully didn't have a reset button that Hillary had but. I don't think starting out with funeral coming forward and say that it you know virtually every once fall through it just wasn't the right move if you would go. Wanted to say that the maybe faltered on the tax cut but your opening statement not a good spot. Neat as a former Intel officer what do you make of Putin's tough. Offer to work on the on the Bob Mueller probe jointly I mean a lot of people just started laughing out loud at that. And said well we relate. Coupled to me that feel like asking the discredited Nigerian ambassador in Nigeria come help me with my banking arm might. Now am I mean not. And not even a legitimate suggestion here. Even entertain well. Look putting putting this aside yesterday I mean what have me and it's over with and we shall continue to did suffer the political ramifications of that domestically. But where from an international standpoint do we go next with Russia what's the next step. Well I think it's more than just Russia you know if you look at our North Korea finally we have word that that remains our fallen. Are gonna be home within two weeks so that's a great stroke. That relationship with North Korea is going to get along I'm just to do with Russia in the early eighties. Bomb we got a lot of repair to do with. You know NATO was ready to come back. On track I think we're little we left and a good solid spot but that's gonna need some mending and I think that's where diploma team marked as state are gonna come or constriction that. Russia's gonna have to. Sure where to they called plays I think some good gestures by both sides could resurface. My favorite food and don't give us sparks note. To me that go along played with the American press and the American public. Well you know it's Eddie had he announced that he had brokered some sort of deal like that there may be this summit would have made sense I'd I'd. I'm still just saying why would you. Put yourself in a situation where you know you're going to face scrutiny from your political opponents unless you're gonna win something in my case I can't find what the win was yesterday Don Bremer. Former appointee under George H. W. Bush former intelligence officer and the founder of the bring her group up in DC thanks always glad to talk to you. Or corporal who are okay.